How to Make a Showstopping Ombre Blueberry Jam Cake


Test cook Christie Morrison and host Julia Collin Davison reveal the steps to making a showstopping Blueberry Jam Cake. Then equipment expert Adam Ried reviews toasters with host Bridget Lancaster.

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  1. It would be a lot easier to use ice cream scoops to measure out the frosting, rather than a measuring cup and spatula.

  2. That finished cake looks amazing! I found myself wishing it was the color of the bottom layer of frosting because I love purple stuff, if I can call that purple lol, but since blueberries were the coloring agent I imagine it makes a fun, evolving eating dynamic. 🤔
    I'm probably too late to make preserves with local fruits this year, but I'm excited for next year's haul after watching this. 😁
    I hope I remember this for later. Thank you!

  3. Question is… Can I cheat with store made jam? Not the cheap stuff… I have some nice blueberry jam. Just want to know if I can do that.

  4. Christie is wonderful! beautiful cake. i would like to have seen a demonstration of moving the cake from turntable to serving dish. Do you just put the whole turntable in the refrigerator? That's impractical because I chose the cast iron model :(. I might also have to re-arrange a shelf.

  5. There’s a great scene from “I Love Lucy” doing a rushed breakfast, including a toaster that popped the toast up & into Lucy’s waiting hand.

  6. I worry blueberry will be kind of bland. I’d be down for a strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, raspberry or blackberry jam cake.

  7. I like the idea of a toaster that only cooks the cut side like the green one. Could be handy for toasting hamburger buns also

  8. My favorite toaster is my cast iron skillet. It heats unevenly, but the toast comes out buttered and I know when the pan is hot enough to cook scrambled eggs.


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