How to Make the Best Esquites With All That Summer Corn

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Test cook Erin McMurrer makes Bridget the ultimate Mexican Corn Salad (Esquites).

Get the recipe for Esquites:
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21 thoughts on “How to Make the Best Esquites With All That Summer Corn

  1. I would have to tone down the heat, and sub out the cilantro for some parsley. Otherwise that looks SO GOOD! I love Mexican street corn, but I've never tried making it myself. I am going to try this instead.

  2. Ahhh…another high carb, high calorie recipe brought to you by ATK to continue to keep America fat! Thank you ATK !

  3. Most nonstick skillets are unsafe at high temperatures – what is it that you are using there that withstands high heat and is nonstick coated? I'd be nervous if I swapped it out for my stainless steel the corn would stick being left for 3 minutes.

  4. i know this content was filmed years ago, but why do you continue to upload content where white people present recipes originated by POC? the videos have v little context on the communities in which the dish was originated. is this going to change? all of ATK's regular public personalities are white, when i KNOW there are plenty of POC food professionals in and around Boston, either with significant followings, or would benefit from ATK's platform. there seems to be a need for consistency among the "inclusivity" messaging across your social platforms.

  5. OK, tried this last night and was able to get the Mexican crema from my local Wegmans. It was really good and does, with the serranoes, have a bit of a bite but the crema and cheese tone it down some.

  6. The yellow corn salad looks good !!
    BUT esquites are made with white corn and epazote (not cilantro, but maybe a good alternative)
    This is a good recipe:

  7. Welcome to my channel, I make healthy moroccan food, you can leave a comment that I definitely will answer.

  8. Odd crema recipe. The actual recipe is simple and easy to find ingredients. Heavy cream, lime juice, and either sour cream or buttermilk. Why leave the cream out of crema?

  9. Mexican reporting, the only deference its that "esquite" is how people in the center and south of México call it, basically its corn on a cup, threshed corn boiled to tender, serve with (depending the state) with mayo, lemon, dry hot pepper and sometimes shredded cheese or dry cheese. That is the basic formula, some might go crazy and add corn chips to the mix, orange cheese sauce and chipotle. So calling it "elote" its like calling cheese "fromage" for no reason, for practical use, "esquite" is the best way to call that summer snack with the previous ingredients. If its serve in any other way that is not decadent, portable and messy, is not an Esquite, but just a corn salad. Like calling a "sloppy joe" to a sub with low moist meat with no danger of messing your shirt whatsoever.

  10. I learned from my mother to make something similar with leftover boiled corn: 2 parts corn, 1 part chopped tomatoes, 1 part chopped cilantro, 1 part sliced green onion, 1 jalapeno finely chopped; season with oil (not olive oil), salt & freshly ground pepper, mix well and enjoy! MMM – so yummy!

  11. I will try the esquites salad Erin did an awesome job on this here salad ,thanks for this upload.😊

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