How To Model: Eva Marcille America's Next Top Model


Eva Marcille stopped by Entertainment Scoop to talk about her newest movie Sister Code. It was only right while we had her at the office to get some modeling tips from her!

The green eyed beauty knows how to work it in front of the camera! She breaks it down for all the ladies who can’t seem to take a good selfie. If you have ever wondered how to do make a perfect model face, look no further. I know it might seem very difficult but Eva makes it possible for all us non models!

Trick #1:

If you know how to wiggle your ears then you can give yourself a face lift. Pull your ears back and TA DA, a facelift that doesn’t cost your thousands of dollars!

Trick #2:

If you have a line in your forehead or that angry vein that pops out this is how you get rid of it. Simply put your tongue at the roof of your mouth Eva says and it releases whatever pressure that causes the vein, and then it disappears! No longer will it seems like you are thinking very hard or angry. Thank goodness.

Trick #3:

To get the infamous “smeyes” down! The super model tells us to think of what you love, a cheeseburger, a trip to Bora Bora or your husband and seduce it! Easy enough, right ladies?

Thank you Eva for giving us some great pointers, now ladies get to your mirrors and start practicing!

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