How To SAVE MONEY On Adobe Software/Creative Cloud | (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom etc.)



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  1. So happy that I watched your video 😀 last year I paid 30 dollar for adobe cloud business licence and now they want to raise up the price to 50 dollars. So I followed up your tips and then they came with the same deal so now I pay for the next year again 30 dollars 🙂 Thank you so much for your tips!

  2. I just called them. $52.99 is entirely out of my budget just starting out. I have never used Adobe since they started their subs. The person I was on the phone with hung up on me, don't know why, I was very polite. So I tried chat, and they were completely unwilling to A.) do a custom plan (I'm only interested in Photoshop and After Effects or B.) offer a discount of any kind for the CC. So… back to plan A for me: learning Blender.

  3. While I was a student I paid 19.99 US per month. When I graduated they bumped me up to 59.99 US per month. I reached out via their chat online and asked for a graduate/alumni rate. They dropped my monthly to 29.99 US and refunded the month I paid 59.99. Lol 29.99 is still high but it’s a little better than almost $60 US!

  4. All you need for a student discount is a student email, which you can get 😉 you pay 20 a month definitely worth it if you use 3 or more programs

  5. I paid for Adobe for two years and I got sick of paying a high monthly cost. They need to reduce the price and make it more affordable. Can you imagine every product you purchased that provided updates to you, you had to pay a monthly fee for it? If you purchase a product you should be able to own it and receive the updates for free, for life. Either that or make it more affordable, let's be honest here, what does it cost Adobe by you downloading their product and installing it? I look at it the same way as cable companies and look at what happened to them. In the end, greed doesn't pay.

  6. I use adobe flash my 2004 so I tried out adobe animate cc 2020 it barely changed except the ui and vector graphics other than that nothing that big

  7. Brother thank you, i suffer from Creative Cloud addiction , the thing is that many of us are masters at these softwares but are not yet in the place to profit from the craft but we still need it to get there, is like you have to buy a guitar every month to be able to play it , no matter if you are Joe or Van Halen.

  8. I wish they had a plan where you can get only get 2 apps or 3 apps of your choice for less… 🙁 Adobe's become very expensive since they force you to get apps you may not need in the bundle offering everything… 🙁 I had to switch to Corel's PaintShop Pro for pic editing and Wondershare's PDFElement Pro… 🙁

  9. I've been on CS6 forever. And am not impressed with their new junk. But I'm struggling to move a perfectly fine CS6 to new win 10 laptop. And the tards don't SELL CS6 anymore. Right now I'm using 2 laptops 😂 the good one, and the new spiffy one with /triggered/ "operating system Windows 10". I'm thinking GIMP which I've used (linux) but I'm very unlikely to keep my stupid Adope account. The other methods of getting at least CS6 without an account look pretty good to me. Adope has done nothing for me except make me question them.

  10. Wait so I just want After Effects (as you can tell by my name tehe) if I sign in with my school email will that give me a discount or do I need to do something else IF U SEE THIS PLEASE TELL ME CAUSE I REALLY NEED TO KNOW

  11. This is a really good video! but i think that you might want to turn the music down, it gets kind of loud and annoying in some parts

  12. They should make like a Bundle for different youtubers like there’s one bundle for animation or another for edits etc.

  13. Thanks for this video. I had the all-inclusive plan for a while. I really didn't need all those apps. I switched to a Photography plan for 9.99/month instead of the 52.99 I was paying.


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