How to Talk About Food – Adjectives to Describe Food in English – Spoken English Lesson


In this lesson, you can learn about how to talk about food and cooking in English. What kind of food do you like or dislike? Do you like cooking, trying new recipes, or eating out? In this lesson, you can learn how to describe food in detail in English.

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1. Where are we going for dinner? 0:34
2. Describing tastes and textures 2:37
3. Positive vocabulary and expressions 5:52
4. Negative words and expressions 9:03

In this lesson, you can learn:

– How to describe different types of restaurant and places to eat.
– Ways to describe tastes and textures of food in English.
– How to talk about food you like or dislike.
– How to describe different ways of cooking, and say whether some food was cooked well or badly.

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A big thank you to the Alphabet translation team from Syria for the Arabic captions!



  1. All your lessons are *invariably enjoyable, apart from anything else. Glad to have discovered your channel. Top-notch content.
    Thanks for helping fill the gaps.

  2. How many video in this channel. Please tall me as soon as possible. Becouse, i watching all video in this channel.

  3. Well I am going to talk about my favorite restaurant Albeck .it is considered one of the best restaurants in my country this is because their fusion and delicious food. I like eating fast food in this restaurant such as burger because they provide tender and juicy burgers and after my mouth watering meal I have to have ice cream to because it is melt in my mouth and put off the consequences of the spicy food.

  4. Hey Mrs mia! Did you know some of Asian countries like my country pakistan and our neighbors India and Bangladesh are famous for their rich food because we used too much and different types of spices and food colorful in our food. My country is also famous for producing one of the world best delicious mangos which export to neighbors and all over the world however thanx for your time your videos help me alot in my English.
    Please tell me is my English improved or still bad

  5. Hello!How should I answer if somene ask me: What's your fav. fruit?
    With is/are or adding s at the and of the fruit?

  6. My favourite food is beef steak. My mom often cooked it for me. She makes it looks mouth watering and when I eat, It is juicy and tender.Yummy ! .But It is hard to cook a scrumptious beef steak. Sometimes, my mom cooks it overdone.

  7. If I have money I want to open new account in the bank in england . What should I do.?


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