How to update the video card driver in Windows® 8, 8.1


Video card drivers play an important role in all computers as they tell the operating system how to operate the video card installed on your computer. If you want to update the video card driver in Windows® 8.1, watch this video and follow the steps to do so.

Useful videos :

(turn off Compatibility View )
(Unable to Receive Emails on Gmail®)
(allow sites to access your camera and microphone )

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  1. I’m trying to install the updated GPU driver I downloaded from intel for my laptop. The problem is the update will not run. The message says that I need an app to open the file. Do you know what I need?

  2. Recently had my laptop formatted. Applications that were working before, can't run properly now. Now it only says it has Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, 256 Total Available Graphics Memory, 0 Dedicated Video Memory, 0 System Video Memory, and 256 Shared System Memory. If I update, it just keeps on loading, searching online for software.

  3. I am getting it updated but it's taking like 10 years. WHY. thanks for the video though. I got a AMD randon R5 in my computer and finnaly something that works


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