how to update windows 8 pro build 9200 to windows 8.1 pro build 9600 via windows store genuine


Windows 8.1.1 pro update first look watch it and be amazed

everyone is facing a problem on updating windows 8 build 9200 to windows 8.1 pro build 9600 via windows store . the problem is your activation method , the way of activating your windows 8pro is wrong ,that means you are activating windows 8 with kms activator and it will activate the windows, but its a volume mak licence only, not a retail licence .NB: Windows 8.1 update via store is provided only to a retail channel licence of windows 8 pro build 9200.

here am providing a tutorial to activate a retail version with retail licence . for that please download this activator and follow the video.

IF THE LINK IS NOT WORKING PLEASE GIVE A BLANK MAIL WITH WINDOWS 8 ACTIVATOR AS SUBJECT TO . I ll attach the activator and send you at any time feel free to mail ….NB: At anytime

after installing windows 8 pro build 9200
2. disconnect internet the activator as administrator
4 automatically restart the windows
5 after restarting your windows will activate as a retail channel
6.after that download this windows update
7 install the update and restart windows
8 after restarting open store and you will find windows 8.1 update in the store

Download a untouched windows 8 pro build 9200 x86 or x64 from any torrent site NB : UNTOUCHED ISO. , here you have to be carefull before downloading the torrent please see the files included and if the file name is windows.iso its a official retail windows 8 from Microsoft , if its something like windows 8 pro x64 en VL.iso then its not a retail version and not a official Microsoft one. so before downloading please ensure about this fact.

after downloading install it with the installation key if you don’t have ask me I ll provide you
2. do not activate windows 8 pro build 9200
4.AFTER THAT OPEN CMD as admin and typle slmgr /dli
5. if you are in the right path it will show you a retail channel otherwise VL or volume channel
6. if you are in retail channel no doubt 100% go to store and sign in with your Microsoft id and get the windows 8.1 pro build 9600 update .
7. if its a vl channel licence then you have to change it to retail by changing the key
8. for that disconnect internet
9.cmd admin type slmgr -ipk key RR3BN-3YY9P-9D7FC-7J4YF-QGJXW and enter
10. it will show key changed successfully then repeat step 4
11. check the store and you will find the 8.1 pro update officially its 3.23 gb in size download stops at 50% and then it starts installing after 50% don’t worry .

if this helps you please pray for me . for my exams thank you

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  7. For people who still cant have the update on windows store after verifying that the installed Windows8 Pro is on Retail, do this:

    1. On the desktop screen, press Windows and R key to open run box.
    2. Type WSReset.exe and hit Enter.

    it will reset the windows store cache and it should definitely show you the update

  8. i can't change the key in cmd, it gives an error saying "Error: 0xC004F025 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated priviledge." 

  9. after downloading I run it as admin the automatically extracted after 50% the system restart then stuck. what happen??

  10. I did it but when I check( CMD "slui" ) it says windows isn't activated.
    Can you send me the activator? please!

  11. well I tried with the second method and it worked, now I have question, im downloading 8.1, but my 8 isnt activaded, so when im supose to activate??? before I install 8.1, or in 8.1???

    (sorry for my english, im spanish)

  12. When running the activator 1st the untivirus warns me of Trojan but I run it anyways then the activator just runs at the background showing nothing on the screen. Is this normal 

  13. I cant see the update in the store after using the first method. when i type slmgr /dli it says volume KMS is there anyway to fix this?

  14. download server changed to 4shared please feel free to download thank you

  15. sorry for my mediafire link I don't know why its happening to me anyways I ll fix it soon if you are in urgent please sent me a blank email from your id I ll attach the .rar file and mail you . thanks for trusting me . and ofcourse your trust will save you because in my video the matter described was said by a embloyee in Microsoft itself . so feel free to send blank mail I ll mail you the activator .



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