How to upgrade Surface Go to Windows 10 Home


Your Surface Go came pre-loaded with Windows 10 in S mode. Here’s how to upgrade your Surface Go to Windows 10 Home. See at Microsoft:

How to reinstall Windows 10 Home in S mode:

Surface Go Review:

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  1. So, has anyone tested this with the 4gb model? I'm kind of concerned performance-wise if I should upgrade to home or not.

  2. Quick question if someone would PLEASE answer. After switching off s mode, can I download application that are not on the Microsoft store? Such as a game called wizard101 which is a MMORPG game. This is not an intensive game. I'm thinking about buying the full spec model for school and light wiz101 gaming.

  3. Nice video! I'm looking into buying the HP 14 silver in Walmart (4gb of ram, 128gb ssd, AMD ryzen 3). It comes with windows s mode. Do you know if I upgrade it to windows 10 home, it'll slow down the computer? I tested it out the computer at Walmart (with the s mode) and it was pretty snappy. If you could help me out that would be great lol

  4. So I decided to get the surface go upon much research (including some of your videos, thank you for your informational take!) I do want to get it out of S mode but I'm having an issue: when I click "Get" the button simply turns grey, then instead of turning into the install button it just turns back into a blue "Get" button. I haven't been able to find anyone having this specific issue which makes this frustrating because it looks like it should be so simple and easy!

  5. S mode doesn't keep you tablet safe, it keeps your tablet working for Microsux – pretty much what all Microsux products do.

  6. iPads are a better tablet. The surface go is a better laptop. Don’t be calling the surface go a tablet because it’s very VERY bad using it with no keyboard and mouse.

  7. I was trying to look for getting out s mode I didn’t find it but then I realized I was already out s mode XD

  8. I really need help lol windows 10 home or pro? I have windows 10 pro on my surface book 2…but I really want grammarly on my surface go!!!!!!! I want to use grammarly on WORD.. my surface go had 8 gigs of ram. should I use windows 10 home or pro????

  9. HELP!! , I can't switch from S mode to Windows Home, it keeps on saying "Something went wrong, we couldn't upgrade" !!

  10. Microsoft had issues Friday as I was getting an error. Was told to wait 24 hours and try again … which I did and it worked perfectly.

  11. I literally only need this for photoshop and music maker. but glad to know its that easy because I look to make this my next pc in the coming weeks

  12. *Switch to Home from S Mode

    If S mode is better for some users and in some ways then it's not an upgrade going to Home.

    It's a free switch depending on which mode is better for your usage.

  13. So I upgraded my system completely and went to go take the Go out of S mode, but it told me I don’t have a version of Microsoft Store in order to get out of S Mode. However the store is completely up to date.

    What do I do?

  14. I wish I saw this video before I borked my GO and had to exchange it for another. I tried to change the product key to a pro version. One thing you failed to mention is that you have to update the MS Store app first


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