How to Use Adobe Prelude CC (2017) to Organize Your Footage


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I go over a great piece of Adobe software. We talk about organizing your footage, and getting it ready to work with in Adobe Premiere Pro!



  1. Im not convinced of using it. Only thing i can imagine it using for collab and big complex projects but for my travel videos i think its not worth it using it.

  2. недавно делал монтаж в котором интервью разных людей было разбито по фраза и скомпоновано в определенном порядке, так вот, с учетом этой программы я бы на день меньше времени потратил, потому что она позволяет на одном видео делать пометки о длительности саб-клипов, не удаляя ненужные фрагменты в ручную, а потом выгружать их секвенцией без экспорта из программы, что очень удобно на самом деле. Хотя если видео редактор нужен не каждый день, то данная программа для таких людей не представляет особой ценности.

  3. So what if I create proxies and rename them etc. how do I go back to the original footage for the online edit, using e.g. the clips with DSC_* name?

  4. I like your video, but I guess I was looking more for something that could act as hashtags — where, let's say I'm the NFL, if I wanted to search all my content for BIG hits or funny moments or best plays, I could easily search for the content like that…..

    Is something like this achievable with Adobe applications? @adobemasters

  5. Why on earth would you/anybody rename their files like that? I'm actually curious if there is a reason for it. It seems like a recipe for disaster.

    What if your renamed media became corrupted or a drive failed and you had to relink everything using your Project File and RAW media backup. When the project wants you to relink Japan_Bus_1 (for example), how are you supposed to know that the corresponding RAW file is named DSC_0303?

    I was looking to find out how to better "organize" my footage but this seems like a step in the complete wrong direction. Am I missing something? I have dozens of terabytes of footage across many drives and am looking for a good way to organize all these years of footage into a searchable database. This does not seem like a solution.

  6. I don't know why people used to be slaves from Adobe. There are another great apps ( if y use mac, sorry i dont know for windows) like Offload, Shotput Pro, Hedge, 

  7. so basically this is like lightroom's cataloging (library module). A great way to see all of your videos at a glance and keep them organized(with some basic editing abilities). Premiere Pro is like the editing module in Lightroom. That's where you get your hands dirty. It finally makes more sense. The biggest issue is size of files. I generally get rid of most of my raw footage when I'm done with a video. I don't have the money to keep 30+ gigs I usually end up with after each shoot. I can see how a larger production company would want to keep all of their files organized and easy to find. They can also work the cost of new drives into each shoot much easier than I can.

  8. Would love to understand better how this fits in with ingesting and specifically the proxies of Premiere Pro. I can see it's great for meta-tagging and organisation for exporting clips to Premiere Pro but if it's also transcoding the footage (eg from 4k footage to something at lower res solely to make the editing process less painful on lower-powered PCs) how does that hook in with Premiere Pro's concept of proxies? ie How do I make sure that the final rendering uses the original 4k footage when it's actually sourced from Prelude rather than Premiere's own ingest process (which knows that it's dealing with proxies and deals with this switching automagically) whereas it probably doesn't with footage sourced from Prelude?

  9. Hi I was wondering if prellude comes in the premiere package. Everytime I look into buying prelude everything leads me into buying premiere and I can't find prelude by itself. Thanks in advance.

  10. I'd like to point out for a lot of the people stumbling on this video and seeing so many negative comments, Prelude is not intended for all users. It is not necessary when working on smaller productions or most of the time as an individual filmmaker. For the simple edit being demonstrated by the presenter here, you could absolutely work 100% inside Premiere. Prelude becomes increasingly more useful as the scale of your production increases. Once you start working with a big crew, you're shooting several mags every single day, you've got lots of locations, hundreds of shots to manage… that's when Prelude starts becoming useful. If you can train low level interns on the basics of how to input good metadata for the shots when ingesting footage at the end of the day it makes life so much easier for the editor who finally gets the footage. For feature films, big commercial shoots, or even indie shorts with a lot of production behind them Prelude can make a massive project more manageable. Right now I'm working with a director who likes to be very hands-on but hates editing- for me Prelude means I can let him go through the footage, add all the comments he wants about what takes he likes, and then when I get handed the drive for final editing there's much less effort involved in us needing to have meetings all the time or him present while I'm editing.

  11. Thanks for the breakdown, I’ve been looking for a reason to use this program for years, but still can’t figure out where it has value over using the finder (Mac) and bins in premiere. I always ditch it as it slows me down. It seems like an extra step for minimal returns (a bit of metadata). Still not convinced.

    Super clear and concise tutorial though! Thanks for taking the time to go over it!

  12. Total garbage from Adobe. The idea that they have this listed as a separate program to Premiere is atrocious. Bridge is part of Photoshop, but Prelude isn't a part of Premiere? Weird. But then again, in CC, Media Encoder isn't part of Pr either…

    Just ways of pretending that CC has more value than it really has.

    Wish they would just bring back the creative suites as they were in Production Premium CS6. But Adobe is a California program and it seems that logic is a bit weak in California these days.

  13. Good explanation! But her is the problem i ran into is example you only have a few clips so it is pretty east to see what you did walking and bus.. you did bus then ingest great! but when you went back to ingest to do walk the old bus files were stilled named with numbers and you did the walk which looked pretty obvious

    But say you have 100 clips and you need 20 presets
    a lot of the clips look the same so it is not going to be obvious which one you already did in my case i am working with microscope footage of protozoa all the files pretty much look the same unless i scroll preview the thumb nail to know what the clip is of then i can rename. how do you work around that?

    Also transcoding my files from the dslr are pretty big if i transcode them to h.264 i can knock them down like from 600 megs to 100 megs and make it easier on premiere so how does transcode work with the names? will it create a duplicate so then i will have 2 files? is there any advantages to not transcode from .mov to h.2.64?


  14. Seems to me, the biggest problem with DSLR video footage is they don't have unique file names, which leads to extreme confusion on any project longer than one day.

    On my Sony, all the 4K or HD footage in-camera resets to naming the files from C0001 every time you remove the day's footage from the camera!

    Can you skip all the other great features this program has and simply show how to permanently rename files sequentially so that you never have a duplicate filename? Somehow, all those other settings really makes for a steep learning curve I don't need. I don't need metadata! I can see what the file contains by the image, I need permanent unique filenames that premiere won't get confused with others from a day, a month, or a year ago!

  15. Thanks (again) for this video. I don't always use Prelude for my footage, but when I do, I find that I have more I want to do with it. I keep coming back to this video for refreshers as well as new things to try to improve my workflow as well as save some storage space.

  16. I actually found this as a great resource. I was looking for a way to organize all my footage. I am an sUAS/Drone videographer with quite a lot of footage from different dates and locations. I needed a way to organize my video and stills and make notes about each clip and be able to search on that data quickly. I only wish there was a way to just point to the reference of the assets location instead of making a copy of the files. I already have a good directory structure for raw assets.

  17. This is like a Adobe Bridge but with video footage…. so helpful when it come to organise your footage work flow. It's also like the Compressor in MAC for Final cut pro But better. Compressor doesn't let you import Sony files .MP4 only .MOV

  18. Thank you bro for explaining it.
    I think the most useful thing from this program is only neat organizing and renaming.
    For rough cut I think I'm not gonna use it at all. It's hard to navigate the clip.

    Cheers mate 🙂

  19. Thanks for making this video. I was capable of using Prelude after this. I would suggest that the utility of Prelude besides organizing existing film and assets is: the ability to make many clips from an extended video.

  20. Бесполезная программа.. Все подобные действия можно сделать в проводнике быстрее и проще.))

  21. Thank you for making a video on this. I randomly clicked on it and I believe this will help my workflow a lot! Thanks! Keep it up!

  22. you've done a great job at explaining what this program offers but to be perfectly honest I don't think it's really detrimental. I mean, I don' think the program is really that useful. I certainly can't see myself using it.

  23. The very best tutorial I've seen so far for the use and value of Adobe Prelude.  Very well, and tightly, put over, actually going step by step…  Very good.  So many "tutors" skim over these crucial details…  I'll be coming back for more…!


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