How to Use Title Templates in Premiere Pro


In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use Adobe Premiere Pro title templates.
For this tutorial, we will be working on a footage of a busy Chinese market. You can download the clip from the following link:

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Step 1 — Adding a title layer
To get started, we would have to first add a title layer in the sequence. For that, click on the New Item icon and from the menu that opens up, select the “title” option.
With the new title window opened up, keep the video settings as they are, change the name and click on the Ok button.

Step 2 — Accessing the templates window
Now click on the templates button and a new window will open up. Over here, right now you can see that there are no templates currently available in Adobe Premiere. Therefore, we would have to download and install the premiere pro title templates separately. For that, you can log on to the adobe help section:

Step 3 — Downloading the missing title templates
Once the web page loads, you can download the functional content files for Adobe Premiere by clicking on the link, highlighted in the image below. Make sure you choose a version according to the operating system you are running.
All you need to do is extract the contents of the zip file first. You will need applications like WinRAR to open up the zip file. Extract the Premiere Pro content file and move to the Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Function Content directory. Over there you can launch the setup and install it on your system. With the setup wizard complete, the templates would be installed automatically.

Step 4 — Choosing a template for the title
When you move back to Adobe Premiere now, you will see all the available templates appearing in the template window. Now you can select any template from this menu here, from corporate to sports and even travel.
For this tutorial, we will choose the abstract wide low3 option present in the abstract section. To apply the template, simply select the option and click on the OK button.

Step 5 — Editing the font in the title template
Now it’s time to edit the title template a bit. If you click on different parts of the template, you will notice that it comprises of different layers, from the base to the part where the title actually appears and even the shadow. To edit the text, simply double click on the text box and now you can change the text accordingly. Moving to the title properties bar towards the right, you can even change the font style by opening up the drop down menu highlighted in the image below.
You can even change the color of the text by scrolling down and clicking on the color palette highlighted in the image below. For this tutorial, we have kept the font to Eras Bold ITC and used white and black colors for the two text boxes.

Step 6 — Changing the design of the template
You can even change the overall design of the template For example, if you click on the red colored base square behind the text, you will notice that this is actually an image file. You can configure the width, height and even the position of this object. For this tutorial, we have just reduced the transparency of the object to 75%. Like the text files, you can even alter the color of these objects as well.

Step 7 — Animating the title template
You can even animate the title sequence. For that, move to the effect controls tab and open up the opacity section. You can move further in the timeline, for example the 15th frame and click on the stopwatch icon to animate the sequence. Next, move the seekbar at the first frame and change the opacity to 0. This would give a fade in effect to the title sequence.
And that’s basically how you can use the Adobe premiere pro tile templates. In a similar way, you can use any of these templates here and edit them according to your requirements.


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  3. Great video but Yangon is Located in Burma so that's not a Chinese market it's Burmese Market in the City of Yagon called "su Laay"

  4. 1.first open this link and download it 2.extract the file
    then just copy the 3 files to your presets folder premiere pro CS6 or CC ENJOY

  5. 您教得很好 我有個題外話 這好像是東南亞國家 不是中國喔 謝謝你的教學 我很受用


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