'I Wish Him Well': Trump Responds To Kim Jong Un Health Concerns | MSNBC


During his daily coronavirus briefing at the White House, President Trump took a moment to with send well wishes to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. There has been speculation around Kim’s health after he didn’t show up at his late grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15. Aired on 4/21/2020.
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‘I Wish Him Well’: Trump Responds To Kim Jong Un Health Concerns | MSNBC

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  1. Trump has an info regarding the health of the rocket man but no idea about covid if its contagious. what a president.

  2. It´s not a reality show man…if somebody else would be President, the person in charge wouldn´t call this fat dictator a fat little rocket man. Go away, burry ypurself, and never come back. How foolish and rediculous can you be. I´ll can´t tell you if he´s sick, but I know.. Well If you knew, You´d brag about it..Mini Mussolini. A joker has a Trumph card, the USA has TRUMP..what a braindamage…It´ll hunt the Republican party for years this presidency… Years to come

  3. This is called a gesture of diplomacy and just basic human decency. This is why I respect my president. Strong in times of defense and merciful in times of offense.

  4. Guess y'all idiots would rather have war and saying he didn't do nothing for us during the China Virus outbreak should send that stimulus check back🤣

  5. 나는 죽지 않았다! 나를 물어! 당신은 반역자입니다! 개구리는 당신의 어머니입니다!

  6. Japan is reporting that Kim is in a vegetative state because of a botched heart operation.
    We know Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and most of the democrats are brain dead. And we know that most of the MSNBC employees have their tongues firmly licking the butt holes of the democrat's.

  7. Even when he is wishing a dictator well he makes sure to praise himself first. Jez Donald dont break your arm patting yourself on the back.😆

  8. Yes wow Trump, wishing well a known enemy of the United States is so leaderlike 😂 where are all of you Trump cult members now? If Obama said this you’d be trying to “liberate” the White House right now. But hey Trump supporting terrorists is so patriotic right?

  9. It doesn't matter what Trump says

    Trump-"I wish him well"
    The left- " how could you wish such an evil man well you evil stooge?"

    Trump-" he was an evil man and he don't get my condolences."
    The left-" How can you make such a racist remark about a good man who wrote poetry and was getting his life back on track?"

    So shut up people because no matter what y'all find to hate on, we know y'all are doing so just to take the opposite stance to Trump. It's been happening every week ever since he was sworn in. So save your fake outrage.


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