Is Singapore over-reliant on foreign workers? | THE BIG STORY


Associate editor Ven Sreenivasan discusses the idea of Singapore being overly reliant on foreign workers and what we should do moving forward.

Read Ven’s piece: Singapore firms and workers should seek new normal

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  1. We should change our mindset & government should revamp to get our own people to do it by paying them well & respect these people with high dignity.

  2. I think all these started with the two children policy. People become more comfortable with having more wealth to share with less children

  3. Singapore is a 1st world country.they will only go for white collar job .they have to maintain their lifestyle.

  4. Singapore have to rethink about expanding too fast. We need to go into slow mode n think how we can go back to about those happy days instead of depending of expanding the population to sustain the economy. Now we depended alot on others country supply chain.

  5. It boils down only to one thing,,be it blue or white collared jobs..SALARIES!Because it is plain and simple…everybody needs MONEY!!@@@@%^^#

  6. Pls re-consider to do swab test on foreign helper (maid) during their weekend rest day. This sector has not be mention as would link to unlinke community. Pls consider

  7. Salary is Most Important as Singapore Standard of Living is very High.. How to survive when You give low salary to Singaporean to pay High Daily Salary.. Foreigners happy to take "Low Salary" because to them is "High Salary" when sending back home..

  8. No worry we can have more, we can both grow and reduce cost by hiring foreign police, foreign soldier navy airforce, foreign ministers, foreign court and judges, foreign immigrations, foreign goverment services. everybody is equal. We can reach 10 million population. They are also good, not lazy and not choosy. They way they handle corona virus is better and far more cheaper and younger. Most of them just follow rules from authorities, same as singaporean now too, does not make any difference, either singaporean or foreign as long they follow rules, All will be good.

  9. Indeed. Singaporeans must change their mindsets towards blue collar job. Coupled with better salaries and incentives too,

  10. Of Course Yes! We have been screaming our hearts out.And not only for construction work etc even every "decent" job also has more foreigners then Singaporeans.I am a minority in my own country( the country where I was born and bred and my parents were also born and bred).

  11. Singapore migrant workers working very hardly but sallary is not enough,
    India, Bangladeshi workers daily basic salary only 18 dollar .
    now all Singaporean thinking your mind how to survive their family …..?


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