Jeep Wrangler – The Science Explained

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The Jeep Wrangler is synonyms with the offroad. Since 1987, the Wrangler has been a staple for those backwoods, trail happy, off roaders and for good reason. The foundation of the wrangler is built on the CJ, the vehicle built by America to deliver some whoopins to the Germans in WWII. And out of the 4 generations of Wranglers, we’re going to focus on the PEAK wrangler, and that’s the TJ. Today we are going to break what makes the TJ so good, starting with it’s Quadra Coil 4-link suspension setup and then we’ll look at the beefy boy Dana axles that keep this wrangly boy rippin’ up those dusty trails.

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43 thoughts on “Jeep Wrangler – The Science Explained

  1. omfg D44 aren't "heavy duty" lol these guys are kinda tools in the series. maybe i should start my own show since these guys are making to much $$$ for garbage!!! lol

  2. The diff locks and sway bar disconnects is also a very great function even the tj had a manual sway bar disconnects

  3. The Dana 35 is kinda trash. Dana 30 High Pinion and Dana 44 for the win! The TJ never came with the High Pinion 30 though, the XJ did from 1984-1999, the best years being 1995-1999, because they didn't have a vacuum disconnect at the axle shaft, it was all just mechanical engage/disengage with the 4wd lever.

  4. Came here to learn about Wranglers, instead, I learned the importance of eyebrows in non verbal conversations…

  5. You can't call it a 4 link if it has a panhard rod. 2 upper, 2 lower and a panhard is a 5 link. The simulation showed a triangulated 4 link (you claimed front and back). Then added the 5th link in the next animation.

  6. I came here to watch a video going in depth about the Wrangler … Instead i watched a video about Leaf springs vs Coil springs…..

  7. Oooofff you showed a triangulated 4 link, a basic 4 link that the TJ/LJ have from factory are not the same as that at all. And you missed alot about 4 link systems…but still a great video.

  8. Hate to break it to all of you… but the “WWII Jeep” is a Ford GAW… nine slots, wider stance, faster… the WILLY (the real Jeep Wrangler predecessor) came later in WWII, and was… underwhelming

  9. 7:49 What’s with the Donut yellow flag and the sticker over the Toolbox 🧰 brand and then at 9:47 it all disappears? Something is wrong here! 🧐

  10. The illustration of a leaf spring pack bothers me 😂😂😂. The main leaf is on the top and smallest is on the bottom.

  11. How does the leaf spring expand or contract, depending on the load with both eyelets bolted to a static location? Soo much lack of information about leaf springs here to make room for all the coil spring bias.

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