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Girl I’m so tired of things
I just wanna settle down
I swear to you I’ve changed
Baby why you buggin out
I know that I put you through hell
You deserve to be with someone else
But I gotta be straight up
Straight up
Girl I just wanna kiss and make up
We done been through a lot of things
How do you throw that away
You were the heart of me
Can’t believe you’d let it break
Tell me why you won’t let em go

You can say what you want but I know
Baby no more lies
I’ma keep it real this time

Help me understand
What I’m saying ain’t getting through
Why I can’t be your man
When I’d give up the world for you
Girl I’ll do the best I can
Love you forever that’s what I’d do
If I was your man


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  1. Joe is an amazing vocalist, not sure how this guy is not still on the charts today unless he hung up his hat and made enough money.

  2. Yo, here is a Spotify playlist with the best 90's slow jams:
    You are welcome 😉

  3. I’m so proud of my dude Taj Jackson who wrote this joint. I’ve had the pleasure of writing, singing and creating songs with him in Atlanta!!! We had fun. I was so happy and proud when this love banger got out there. Always wish him the best !!! We’re still writing…always!!

  4. The lady in this video used to be my crush back wen l knew nothing abt love, jus found out her name Dollicia Bryan, she beautiful man, damn!! Cant find her anywhere on social media now just wen am old enough, who got her number, anyone??

  5. This video makes no funkin sense! How can you be complaining about how your not her man when all of this video is you and her literally being together for the whole damn time! 0 out 0. Piece of crap lore

  6. What did he think was going to happen in the end , he said he messed up and she deserves to be with someone else , when you truly realize that and voice it, then you don't need help to understand why you can't be her man.

  7. Thank you Joe for this beautiful song. God bless you always. شوكرا انا صميا ابو هيدر مومي

  8. As beautiful as she may be, I would not want my son pining for a woman that slept with one man and, within minutes, takes a bath with another man. As women, we don't always recognize our value. Priceless!


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