Jugyeong True Beauty Makeup Transformation Tutorial | K-Beauty


Brought to you by Webtoon, I am showing you a makeup look heavily inspired by Jugyeong in the comic series True Beauty!



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  1. As much as i love the video im kinda confused tho why Yaongyi's name isnt shown? 0:35 Like isnt Yaongyi the author?

  2. Purr-fect is ESCLUSIVE of Chat Noir, any other person can use it :') but the makeup is so beautiful,I can't use lenses,but I do the makeup is super beautiful!!! True Beauty is my favorite Webtoon ever!! But my favorite serie is Miraculous, You can do a makeup about Ladybug or Chat Noir?? Sorry for my bad english jajajajajajajaja

  3. Hey Jbunzy, I dyed my hair and it’s like a dark ruby red, what brow pencil color should I get? I’m having a hard time finding that looks good

  4. Coming from a korean American, this look perfectly shows what a lot of highschool students do for a quick look. It’s a more ulzzang look and if you wanna debate me please do ^—^ but I shall smite you with facts

  5. Yea I get it. The makeup works but, it says a NATURAL look in the WEBTOON yet here her face looks legit a powder mask! No hate but still…

  6. Jessica: Pulls off perfect tutorials on how to look both like Ariana Grande and a Korean Girl
    Me: I can't even pull off how to look like my own nationality.


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