KILL THE OTHER GIRLS – America's Next Top Model #3 (Wii Let's Play)

Giải Trí

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28 thoughts on “KILL THE OTHER GIRLS – America's Next Top Model #3 (Wii Let's Play)

  1. Btw, i think the face on top of their heads change expression. and that expression is how they're gonna act to you.

  2. Did anyone notice how uncomfortably close Tara Dikov's voice sounds compared to the character you play as in the Nancy Drew Academy game? Kelly is doing a series, so go check it out and tell me what you think.

  3. Kelly looks for Sarah for an hour I'm not mad anymore
    2 minutes later
    sees sarah kelly: SARAH YOU FUCKING BITCH

  4. When Sarah said "I'm going to find the ugliest combination of clothes" i immediately thought "you're already wearing them" and now I can't stop laughing xD

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