Law Roach Dissects the Contestant's Personal Styles ‘Sneak Peek’ | America's Next Top Model


After challenging the ladies to dress in their quintessential style, Law judges their runway walk. Find out who established their individuality, and who still need some work tonight + 10/9c on VH1.


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Law Roach Dissects The Contestant’s Personal Styles ‘Sneak Peek’ | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. Um who is this Law Roache? Sorry but dis gaysha is not werkin for me.

    Sashay the funky awayz henny!!!!!!

  2. Not a fan of his but I loove his constructive criticism with Giah. Very direct but very understanding and compassionate!

  3. Courtney and binta were in the wrong season, they belong in the season 15 or 16 or 24 when fashion got serious or high entertaining moments… This season was a joke but kyle however suit this season well

  4. Y is it Okay four a gay man 2 judge or tell women anything about walking or anything???? IDC no man gay or straight can tell me a women how 2 b a women mayb like or dislike a dress


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