Learn Adobe Premiere Pro in 20 Minutes Basic Tutorial for Beginners


This tutorial is Adobe approved ✅ and the easiest Premiere Pro CC tutorial to get started in video editing! In this tutorial you will learn how to install Adobe Creative Cloud, how to create a Premiere Pro CC project, media organization strategies, how to import media, create sequences, add effects and transitions, create titles and graphics, color correct, and how to export your video!

🎆 Envato Premiere Pro Templates, Stock Video and Music:

🎬 Get Adobe Premiere Pro and the Creative Cloud:

⬇️ Before you start, download my free Video Editing Template Folder System to use in your video editing projects:

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– LaCie Bolt 3 (2TB) SSD:
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⏰Below you will find time-codes that will take you to each section of the tutorial. There are ten sections.

00:15 – Step #1: How to Install Premiere Pro Cc & Adobe Creative Cloud
00:51 – Step #2 How to Create Your First Premiere Pro Project
01:19 – External Drive Recommendations for Editing & Organization Strategies
02:31 – Understanding The Premiere Pro CC Layout
03:05 – Step #3 How to Import Media
04:23 – How to Use the Project Panel
05:10 – Step #4 Creating Your First Timeline
06:40 – Step #5 Adding media and editing in timeline (two methods)
09:28 – Step #6 Adding Effects & Transitions
10:35 – Stock Video and Templates from Envato Market:
13:16 – Step #7 Motion (animation) and Opacity
14:38 – Step #8 Titles & Graphics (Essential Graphics Panel)
17:03 – Step #9 Color Correction
17:42 – Step #10 Exporting your video

▶️Advance in Premiere Pro CC (Tutorials mentioned in video)
– Source Patching in Premiere Pro:
– Social Media Sequence & Exporting Setting:
– FilmImpact Motion Tween Tutorial:
– Color & Lumetri Scopes:
– Essential Graphics Course:
– Essential Sound Course:

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  1. Thx for watching! Also, huge update from Envato Market's Videohive library. They now have Premiere Pro Project Templates http://bit.ly/GalPProTemplates and Premiere Pro presets: http://bit.ly/GalPProPresets 🙂

  2. Hey have you thought of doing an updated version of this to reflect the changes in Adobe Premiere Pro 2020?

  3. Your tutorials are amazing! The feeling of knowing what I want to do in the video but being lost on how to do it in Premiere is fading away. Thank you very much!

  4. I've used filmora for almost 100+ videos on my channel but Now I was planning to upgrade my editing setup along with my video editing software and honestly speaking your videos gave me so much confidence that I just bought and installed the Premiere pro. Thank you so much for making these videos and explaining everything about premiere pro in detail. Planning to join your patreon very soon 🙂
    More power to you!

  5. Thx Kelsey for your effort, this is probably the shortest, best, effective and efficient beginner tutorial there is.

  6. I love this channel. Thanks for the assistance. I'm currently in film school and these vids are so handy and informative. 😊 Can you please explain to me the procedure for the one on one training?

  7. I was overwhelmed with editing but you make it so simple and well explained that now I feel I can do it too! thank you

  8. I want to make inquiry as befor I have ask some YouTuber that post a Premier Pro Video editing tutorial.
    I ask them if I use Adobe Creative Cloud A/C Application to learn and Use Premier Pro CC for Video a Editing…
    Can I use iMac or MacBook Pro for the premiere Pro CC. As befor I have make inquiry with the YouTuber that post the premiere pro CC tutorial. He say normally for Premiere Pro CC people will use a window computer and for Mac is dog. Is it tru or if use IMac or Mbpro will hangout delay. Pls give me some Tip Did I can use a iMac or have to use a desktop computer.that can handle a Premiere Pro CC tks you so much for yr feedback.

  9. We've edited a few YouTube videos, always good to review the basics! Thanks for a quick, easy to understand tutorial.

  10. Hi premiere gal I want to make inquiry I am Very interested to learn video editing. My Enquiry what kind of plan Adobe Creative cloud I have take a Single plan for Monthly subscription payment of Sin $26 dollars or I have to take the monthly plan fees $67 dollars hope can guide me befor I get the premiere pro video editing course tks

  11. Hi premiere gal I want to make inquiry I am Very interested to learn video editing. My Enquiry what kind of plan Adobe Creative cloud I have take a Single plan for Monthly subscription payment of Sin $26 dollars or I have to take the monthly plan fees $67 dollars hope can guide me befor I get the premiere pro video editing course tks

  12. First you torrent it allowing for offline use and you to spend money on hardware and not get jew'ed out of thousands in the long run…

  13. wow….amazing. This channel is my "go to" place for all my queries. Thanks for the all that you do, it really helps

  14. Finally! Someone who understands that not everybody can learn at hyper speed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is exactly the type of video tutorials that I've been searching for.


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