[LIVE HD] COVID-19: PM Lee announces 4-week extension of Singapore circuit breaker to Jun 1


Singapore will extend its circuit breaker measures by 4 weeks to Jun 1, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced in an address to the nation on Tuesday (Apr 21). Mr Lee said that the aim is to bring down the number of COVID-19 cases in the community “decisively”. Read his full speech:

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  1. I cannot imagine the Nasty Moron in the WH speaking with so much intelligence, compassion & leadership. Majulah Singapura !

  2. This is a good and best time to send all illegal immigrants from India and those who are having fake passes pls for god sake sent all India Indians back

  3. China is the joke of the world. Their government is backward and outdated. Time for the people to fight for their rights. Join in the world army to destroy Chinese government.

  4. https://youtu.be/6tbhfXRKgJk (hey guys! if yall are bored during this quarantine, do come and support my friend's channel! thank you!)

  5. Thank you sir, for a most illuminating and excellent address to your people . UNFORTUNATELY AUSSIES ARE the least affected, but the most complaining least respectful of other people's feelings or situations. Can one believe this : they support CUTTING OFF THE WHO FUNDINGS, THEY just about accuse SCIENTISTS of smuggling germs for germwarfare. What do you expect, dear Sir, with due respect are these guys FOR REAL. ON CBN today there was a call for a US PRESIDENT MORE suited to Times like these, in global crisis, well you might say GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, because the way this is going, they're OVER THE TOP HERE, 1. Scientists are now CRIMINALS, without any proof whatsoever, if parents are advised NOT TO SEND THEIR CHILDREN TO AUSTRALIA TO STUDY, because of how THEY ARE WELL on the way to BECOMING SCAPEGOATS of INCOMPETENT Australian authorities, who according to economists knew about ECONOMIC dangers to AUSTRALIA from what was going on in CHINA, AS EARLY as NOVEMBER ( ABC ) and yet allowed huge numbers of people to CELEBRATE THE YEAR OF THE BAT..we are in middle of the whole continent on fire, NERO EATING GRAPES, IN HAWAII, whilst OUR PM, under Acopalyptic conditions- one honestly could hear GRINDING OF THE TEETH, no matter if NERO WAS GRINIDING grapes, and Mme The ministry of Defense, who now is declaring WAR FROM THE highest of moral grounds, ( I'm only saying this for people to be able to think for themselves, and without any legal bias, or PREJUDICE, ) took her LEGALLY OK holiday, well all these revellers came from all over the world, completely ignoring all those firefighters who were burned alive, those COUNTRY people already suffering because of all the earthquakes to get all that unnecessary Gas, for export, ( by the way, the coal trains NEVER even stopped then ) and all those who lost their lives, then in the midst of March, the HUGE GAY gatherings, and now all those unexplained clusters of SAARS2 infected city dwellers, and up to now not a single survey asking any of those infected people whether or not they mingled with any of those great Aussie occasions. So it's TIME. ITS TIME to have properly qualified leaders, for serious situations like these, where they admit where they went wrong, where they show compassion and proper respect to others, no matter what their ideologies are, FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE. listening to scientists, who as far as 2014 ( HARVARD UNI ) warned about climate change effects, to Prof Phelps, who in 2019 warned us about WHO S warnings about new disease because of CLIMATE CHANGE.
    The UN meeting is the best place, to look into all this: CLIMATE change, and the effects, on ORIGIN OF NEW SPECIES ( DARWIN, MALTHUD, MENDEL) what happened exactly on GROUND zero, this is hardly a problem if the question is approached with good will and TRUST. Leakage from labs has occurred before, and the UN undoubtedly will ask for any available reports, in a civilised orderly fashion. UN will no doubt heart from delegates from around the world, how people are coping, how Indian workers stranded , egyptian workers and others are caught falling through the rails, and how RICH COUNTRIES LIKE AUSTRALIA, who are responsible for such huge amounts of C EMISSIONS ( what with the huge number if cars, planes, luxury cruising ships, cattle, mines, etc, ) WILL UNDOUBTEDLY contribute to help all these poor people, .. ok ? Then I'm pretty sure well get the more answers than we ever asked for.. Yes no ? Everything in proper perspective please. Kindness, good will , is this not the messages expected from CHRISTIANS, MOSLEMS AND JEWS AND HINDUS ETC..love your enemy.. ? Good will peace from all those of Good will..

  6. This Covid -19 Outbreak Pandemic ….At Present Its All About The Dormitory ; And Foreign Workers By Large : The Faults Lies Mostly On TOP Ministers ; Cooperates Bosses ( All Want To POINT FINGERS ; TO GET A JOB DONE…..IF ONLY , THEY ALL FOLLOW OUR ONE AND ONLY SIR : PRIME MINISTER LEE KUAN YEW ; OUR HUMBLE LEADER ( NOT BOSS ) SIngapore Will Always Be A Good Nice And Healthy Place To Live And To Stay , And Call HOME : Thank You : WAKE UP ALL TOP EARNERS $$$$$; Be A LEADER : NOT BOSSES …..

  7. Honestly.. 1m safe distancing is not enough. One droplets two droplets maybe it works.. but when we are talking about millions billions of droplets circulating since now there so many confirmed and undetected cases around.. can 1m safe distancing really works? I think scientists researchers really need to confirm this. A drop can fall on the ground and dries up in short distances. But when theres too much it works like tsunami. The whole world need to think about this.. this is not just short distance airborne anymore. We are talking about much more particles that combines and travel even further than just 1m.

  8. From 1:19:26 onwards, "the perspective of a migrant worker, whether or not you test me, what I really want is treatment. I want to be put on the path of recovery" sounds like somebody is trying to cover up for the reason(s) for the spike in the workers dormitory. Is she trying to say that testing is not important? If testing, identification and isolation is not done before the symptoms appear, how would we know if the carrier is asymptomatic and to how many others he would have unknowingly passed it to (if he is a carrier) before the symptoms appear?

  9. Singapore will bounce back soon….Singapore is known to be one of the countries in the world with great leaders….

  10. CLOSE all SHOPPING MALLs and F&B outlets! Many countries have closed the shopping malls.

    With temperature scanning and New Contact Tracing at the malls by Government, more workers are required go out to the Malls to administer this measure!!!
    This is worst than going back to work in office, meeting countless peoples, so what is the point of WFH when you have to go back on some days to mall and come into contact with many peoples????

    NorthPoint is now a new cluster.

    Why Govt does not make it mandatory for eveeyone to install the Trace Together App?

  11. I waterLim suggestions for this virus. Sir I can tell you. Before Sai BaBa past away when I saw him he told me. Sir if you believes me please don't waste time call me now I can tell you sir Sir I have the miracle power to help Singaporeans to help our people's please call my phone. So I will.

  12. Dying with envy here. Your prime minister appears on TV and assures that they are above the situation and you have the resources to tackle the virus. Well, you should be grateful… Here in our country, it is what it is that you can surmise from the news.

  13. COVID-19 Most Likely A Delay Tactic By The 322 Pedophile Cabal To Delay Trump's Crime Investigation & Arrest Of This Worldwide Deep State Occult New World Order Organization…

  14. I really admire your prime minister. He is a model for the ASEAN leaders… Very competent, dedicated and hard- working. He is obviously well- educated and intelligent. I don't want to compare but others are just pale in comparison to PM Lee. His efforts in leading Singapore amid the pandemic is laudable. Congratulations! You have a great leader in your midst.


  16. Ok great stop the spread. Good thou, some of you us live from hand to mouth. Daily paid. Hand to mouth. Release funds for help to many others till 01 Jun 2020. Help people.

  17. Singapore law enforcers are a joke. I sent them so many evidence of the infringements of circuit breaker laws and even did the heavy lifting for them to make their job easier but I guess they are all too groggy from the MCD's to actually do what they were paid to do.


  19. 93 days from 1 case to over 12,000 cases and no sign of stopping. What the heck is the Task Force and Govt doing all these days????? Singapore will overtake Jp in 1 to 2 days and become third in Asia soon (after China n India). We r back on top 30 chart Worldwide !!!!


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