London Grammar – Strong [Official Video]


Truth Is A Beautiful Thing, the new album by London Grammar, available now:

Official music video for “Strong” by London Grammar.
Our debut album ‘If You Wait’ is out now:

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Directed by Sam Brown.

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  1. Love this song but just don't quite understand-Could someone please explain the meaning or is it one of those songs that everyone gets a different understanding? Thank you.

  2. Sounds very much like the partner of someone with a substance abuse disorder. It’s hard to say no to the addict who roars and screams and then cries pleading, begging to be forgiven. You’re caught in the middle, wide-eyed by the vicious cycle you’re in…like a hurricane spinning around you. you seem strong but you’re wrong to give in. Just one way of listening to it.

  3. This song brings out such emotion , so powerful , it brings you back down to earth . She has such a tone that makes you gripped , amazing voice .

  4. I have always portrayed to the world that I am strong and logical but I need someone to put their arms around me to to say to tell me that its ok to let my guard down and show my emotions and show my weakness. Just give me the comfort of knowing that someone cares and that they are they are not to judge me.

  5. @all the people who for some reason relate to this song without being able to touch the unease.
    This is the world they've built for you and you are building without your knowing. A world driven by and for global consumerism.
    There you will have it:
    -an oligarchy, very few that live in a world whose tone they set
    -the clergy (media, "opinion" leaders and their diversion/division) controlling your thought agenda
    -the poorer mass you belong to, between your latte and your smartphone made in China but without real possession and no opportunity to rise or become a fully accomplished person
    It is going to be difficult to get out of this pattern.

  6. The absolute most important thing in your entire life? Offer your child the best show in his/her/its life….THEN you can be satisfied.

  7. Beautiful voice beautiful woman beautiful group speaking as a nasty racist "nationalist" ex kkk member of course..

  8. Ei você ai que acostumado ouvir essas bagaças de radios brasileiras em fm ,eu duvido que tenha ouvido musicas dessa banda….

  9. This song just destroys my soul. As a child of divorce and being split up from my other siblings (five of us at the time) and one parent or the other, I swore to myself that I would never let that happen to my own child.

    However, many years later when my Son’s mother (who at that point had become a functioning alcoholic whilst I had become a workaholic and considering my workaholic behavior spurred a bit of my former brides choices) decided to leave and divorce, it almost killed me for watching my Son have to deal with such a tremendous burden especially recalling how much it tore me up as a kid to watch my Mom leave my Dad and be split up from two of my siblings. So as strong as I tried to be I could not change another person from making their own choice. To me, it felt like watching my Son being locked inside a burning house and I was powerless to help.

    The words, “Yeah, I might seem so strong
    Yeah, I might speak so long
    I've never been so wrong
    Yeah, I might seem so strong
    Yeah, I might speak so long
    I've never been so wrong” remind me of just how tremendously weak i was and I am in the effort to control the outcomes of this life.

    The failure I continually live with as a father and as a confessed follower of Christ and the self-hatred I developed for myself due to such a feeling of massive failure is truly one if the hardest challenges I have to overcome (and I hope eventually will).

    The spirit of this song and video about being caught in the middle (feeling a bit stuck) certainly resonates with my soul for both myself and my Son. It is only as we release our past and accept our failures that we can move into our brighter and larger future and perhaps be there to help someone else scale that wall.

  10. Her voice so beautiful and makes you bring out your softer emotions .It s a private moment here I reflect with sadness and happiness.

  11. This bands music always moves me to tears…..her voice reaches into my heart and rips it open. In a beautiful way ❤️

  12. One of my favourite song from 2014 , had been searching for this song from last 30 minutes cause i did'nt remember the song name.

  13. Foot prints in the sand.. A legend leads the way for the paths of tomorrow.. If we only believe.. its cold and dark but we still have today!@×+=♤ opportunity


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