Marissa Disrespects Stacey McKenzie Before Her Shoot | America's Next Top Model


Stacey McKenzie tries to coach Marissa before her shoot but Marissa is not receptive to her tips.


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Marissa Disrespects Stacey McKenzie Before Her Shoot | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. Wow Stacey has the patience of a Saint and handled that with the utmost grace. I would've just stopped helping her personally lol

  2. "Her critiques are confusing me more than anything."
    Ma'am, you have no brain. That's why you don't understand.

  3. Who told Marissa that she is Model Material? She looks like any average girl you see hanging around the Bodega…

  4. Stacey took a lot more than she had to from that girl. She could've walked away at the first roll of the eye, but she didn't because SHE is a professional, not this wannabe model.

  5. Did you all notice how Stacy does not utter one swear word during the argument with Melissa, unlike Tyra and Naomi on the Face…and never once raised her voice at Melissa? She didn't cut through Melissa like a knife. I know Tyra and Naomi would've done that. She kept her cool and continue to try and coach Melissa.

  6. Yes, Stacy can be a great host. But I think it is because of talent fee, she is a supermodel so if she is able to host, the show will have a tough time to budget the show because her credentials really deserve higher talent fee.

  7. Marissa was not in the wrong. It was a huge critique with the reboot how little constructive criticism was actually given. She did what Stacey asked and Stacey didn't like it but refused to help her or give her any kind of direction or constructive criticism.

  8. Are you sure the model wasn't just really distracted by the tutors bizarre eye makeup that she/he was wearing???

  9. tbh after everything came out about the BTS of this show has made me really disbelieving of how bitchy they make these girls look. who knows what the producers did to manipulate this into how it looks.

  10. The term model is used so loosely. These girls might look good on Instagram, but definitely not high fashion.

  11. The moment the girl opens her mouth and starts speaking, you can hear the entitlement in her voice. She's pretty, she's gotten everything she wants by running on her looks. You can tell she doesn't know how to be told no.

  12. Marissa was my favorite physically but her attitude sucked! That’s really what got her eliminated. This new generation of models think their opinion is so important, due to social media


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