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Lady Gaga — never one to stray from a statement entrance — hit the campiest notes at the 2019 Met Gala Monday, stripping down to a bra, panties and fishnet stockings over the course of a 16-minute entrance outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This year’s theme is ‘camp’ and is co-chaired by Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Harry Styles, along with Gucci designer Alessandro Michele and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Brandon Maxwell, who created Gaga’s reveal, helped her navigate the stairs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as she posed with several helpers. Maxwell undressed her further, revealing a black strapless asymmetrical ballgown underneath with a huge side bustle. Then she undressed again to show off a pink dress reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” walking up and down the carpet.

But she wasn’t done. Moments later, she undressed again to pose in a glittering bra and panties set, with huge platform shoes. Gaga is a hard act to follow but Serena Williams, one of her co-hosts, did her best in a neon yellow flowing gown adorned with leaves, Nike sneakers on her feet.

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  1. That was a quite a performance, it was like the definition of a woman throughout the decades. It wasnt even anything super crazy it was like putting on a show which is the definition of camp. It was like first she had this huge train, she looked like royalty, which highlights the daintiness and femininity of a woman, then she gave us like 50s elegance, then she gave us the 80s, which highlights vanity. Or like she said in the vogue video snobby but not actually a snob, then she gave us the era we are in now, of sex appeal and freedom. Bascially what women have repped in society throughout the years. Shes so self aware, intelligent and humble too. That's the definition of a woman if you ask me.

  2. I thought she was made.totally made.Looking so funny😂😂😂😂.was that call a fashion🤔?.ass girl.

  3. Everyone:- what a great performance.

    Indians:- और क्या क्या छुपा रखा है तेहखानें में?

  4. It's a shame people still follow this things.. This woman is a world icon of the triumph of stupidity over intelligence. People who promote this over anything else worth having in the brain are strong candidates to burn forever in the flames of hell.

  5. Gaga teasing us Chromatica the whole time and we didn't notice over year ago!
    The Outfit – Blackpink
    06:50 Umbrella – Rain on Me
    08:55 Telephone – 911
    09:30 Lipstick, Comb & Hairspray – Plastic Dolls


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