Mixing Rap Vocals | Adobe Audition


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►Song used in this tutorial “Whats up” –

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►Izotope Plugins –

Other Equipment Used:

Neumann Tlm 103 –

►Presonus AudioBox 22vsl –

►Audio-Technica Headphones –

►Pop Filter –

►Mic Stand –

►Acoustic Foam –

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  1. Hi Kelli. I've worked 6 months to buy the stuff i needed wich was a 50$ USB Mic and a camara to record music videos and I also bought a new PC cuz my old one was not capable to run well the program. I saw this video but I din't understand nothing cuz I'm a beeginer. When I used to record songs my cuzin would help me but now I want to do this alone cuz he got his live and cuz I really want to learn this shit and get preety good at it. Can you do a video for beeginers? CS6 Is the program that I use.

  2. When you turned the beat down to -10 in the beginning, did you also turn your vocals down? Because from what I tried it seems that it makes the beat much too quiet and the vocals way too loud

  3. I think you need to get more in the pocket with the frequency on your de-esser. Leslie Brathwaite did a keynote at Full Sail and he showed his de-esser preset, which is so good, I use it EVERY time and it always seems to really do the trick. The frequency is 4237. I like your flow, and the mix sound decent, but the sibilance is way too sharp and the S's are poking out really bad. Give that frequency a shot on your de-esser and see how it does for ya.

  4. Great song, not a bad video. I would really like to see a step-by-step process of you mixing tho – EQ cuts, tweaks, the whole nine!

  5. Amazing video bro… do you have any singing vocal presets. I’m more of a singer, less of a rapper but I sing on a lot of beats. If you do have any I’d highly appreciate if you do a tutorial on it or something!


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