Most Expensive Mistakes in History

Giải Trí

Have you ever made a mistake, maybe parked in an illegal spot and got towed, and it cost you a couple hundred bucks? well in today’s video we’re going to show you the most expensive mistakes in history. Mistakes that cost governments billions of dollars, and surely got some people fired. Check out the crazy most expensive mistakes in history right now, and don’t feel so bad about the little mistakes!


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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.


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41 thoughts on “Most Expensive Mistakes in History

  1. My biggest loss was buying an airplane ticket (420 euros) then finding out that I’ll not get a visa before two months.
    I got only 35 euros back

  2. Wrong, so wrong. The French trains didn't fit all of the stations because of the distance from the rails to the platforms (the part where people walk on to get on and off the train). What kind of magic trains do you think they used before this order, what could ride on different width rails?

    Also, the cost of altering the stations only added 0.3% to the total cost. Big whoop.

  3. My Grandad was an electrical engineer he worked for the ESA, and he worked on a project that went to Mars that failed horribly with a similar mistake and I think that is the same project mentioned in the video

  4. The most expensive thing you would lose is trying to make someone fall in love with you but ended up putting you in the friend zone

  5. most expensive mistake:
    me: minecraft is $35, ill wait until tommorow
    the next day
    minecraft: $40
    me: o-o

    i still got it xD

  6. This is why always becareful on your things always know what you are doing and why you are doing it first before actually doing something that you didn't think through

  7. Umm
    Can you send me your account number
    I need to send you your 10,000 dollars
    Of the bet of course

  8. Tiger woods cheated on his white wife and middle america lost their minds. I remember all the racis things said after he "cheated"… Meanwhile epstein is running around town and no one batted an eye.
    You people are hypocrites. Disgusting & worth less.

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