N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un's health in 'grave danger': CNN


CNN “김정은 수술 후 중태”…미국 정부 관리 인용

First… though,… some potentially massive news out of North Korea.
The regime’s leader Kim Jong-un is reportedly in “grave danger” after undergoing surgery of an unspecified nature.
CNN, citing an unnamed U.S. official, reported on Tuesday that the U.S. is monitoring intelligence for an update about Kim’s health.
There had been speculation Kim might have health issues… as he did not appear on the birthday of his grandfather and North Korea’s founder Kim Il-sung… for the first time since he came to power several years ago.
According to South Korean intelligence, when Kim disappeared for around 40 days in 2014, he had an ankle surgery to remove a cyst.
The South Korean government based on its own intelligence has denied the report.
We’ll keep you updated if we get any extra information.

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  2. Instead of looking for his death, look for your own country deaths
    Thousands are lost every day,
    Are they humans??!!!!!

  3. It's also been reported that two of his inner circle trustees, Sum Ting Wong and Kokk Klik Pow, have assured the public that Kim Jong-un is perfectly healthy, except for the occasional bout with gout.

  4. He's not dying, he's a shapeshifter…as are EVERY WORLD LEADER, including our own…they all are of the same ILK…non-humans. The sooner you people learn about them, the sooner we can do something about them & how they are killing us. chk this out….one of what you see here is cgi, it is simply taped of a tv with a cell phone camera.

  5. लाखों लोगों की बद्दुआएं लेकर कब तक जिएगा।

  6. So is it true?? I heard china send several doctors to N.K but trump said cnn's report about it is fake. im really being confused.. What is right???

  7. Hey, did you hear that home schooling could continue next year? Hundreds of thousands of teachers are getting lay off notices.

  8. hoping the son of his elder brother, who was assasinated, will come out to save north korea. it's his chance right now if its true that kim jong is dead.

  9. Kim Jong…may you RIH (rot in hell).
    I hope there are military generals and vice premier who will liberate North Korea?

  10. The adventures of Kim Jong-Un got a little dark, the main character in danger and I can’t wait for the next episode.

  11. Comrades don’t be so critical. This is the future of the American Democratic Party. You too can be a Chinese Communist Party “stooge” CNN knows this oh so well. Who do you think pays the bills over there ? Their ratings are in the toilet.


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