Neewer Portable Folding Mini Tripod (M225+CK30) – It Came From Amazon #1


– Amazon sells everything. From groceries to gadgets. In our newest feature, we’ll be exploring the world of Amazon gadgets. From the good to the bad. This week, we check out the Neewer Portable Folding Mini Tripod (M225+CK30). A potential high quality alternative in a sea of Gorillapods and other miniature style tripods.

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Neewer Compact Desktop Mini Tripod (M225+CK30)

Red (as shown) –
Black –
Blue –

All Neewer Products on Amazon –

Manfrotto Pixi Evo 2

Black (as shown) –
Red –
White –

All Manfrotto Products on Amazon –

Gorrillapod Series –

All Joby products on Amazon –

Gear used to make this video:

Camera – Canon G7X MKII –
Tripod – Neewer Carbon Fiber Knock Off (Knock off of a Knock off!) –

Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Stephen’s Personal YouTube Channel –

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  1. Good review this one. I received my Neewer CK30 today and my main concern is about the LEGS. I made a small video about the use of them, if you care to take a look:

  2. Probably, the presenter is used to heavy equipment that require force. For this tripod, I think he was too aggressive.

  3. I dig it. Thanks for your review. I just picked one up on amazon. It is currently $35 on amazon. Check me out and subscribe I do some tech reviews too. 🙂

  4. Hey! I think I like this. The larger Gorillapods are good, but sometimes too big, especially with a ballhead attached to the top. $60 is not bad at all.


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