Next Top Model Stars Who Look Much Different Today


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For more than 15 years and 300 episodes, America’s Next Top Model has consistently created meme-worthy moments and tons of model-on-model drama — and plenty of reality TV stars, to boot — though their high-fashion fame doesn’t seem to last very long. Here are some former Top Model stars with very different lives — and looks — today…

Analeigh Tipton | 0:22
McKey Sullivan | 1:02
Yaya DaCosta | 1:40
Kim Stolz | 2:19
Sophie Sumner | 2:47
Whitney Thompson | 3:25
Yoanna House | 4:03

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  1. the truth about 90% of models is that most don't make enough income yearly to support the facade of Glam and Rich luxury. They buy designer brands and keep the receipt and tags on so they can return it to the store. They shop at Nordstrom to take advantage of the 100% return policy. So they go to venues with Gucci but after the party return it to Nordstrom. They live in LA and NYC and share a small overpriced flat with other roomies. They are constantly looking for rich older men or some career hollywood opportunity to get them to stardom. They fight amongst other women and there is always petty drama. It is a sad reality of this endless pursuit for fame. A plumber makes 70K a year, that is more money than the median income from a fashion model makes nationwide. That's why you see models branching out into so many roles and things, from club guns for hire, hostess, event prop, etc..

  2. This is stupid. None of them changed their looks. I stopped watching after McKey. Analeigh and McKey both look the same from the pictures you showed. FAIL

  3. You wold think she would learn their names before doing a story on them. Cycle 11 winner was not "Mickie" her name is "McKee". Cycle four was "Eva", not "Ava"

  4. "Much different" is nonsensical. You may mean "very different" or "so different". You can never say "much different".

  5. I'm just here for the thumbnail as I'm pretty sure she was the girl I saw twice on The Big Bang Theory , on two roles, two different seasons. IMDB confirms me. Now I can die at peace ^^


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