North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly in ‘grave danger’ after surgery


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North Korean supreme leader, Kim Jong-un is in “grave danger” after cardiovascular surgery, according to a report on US network CNN quoting US officials. But officials in South Korea have dismissed the report, saying it is an unsubstantiated rumour and that there have been “no unusual signs” coming from the North.

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  1. I have a question…
    Well obviously North Korea doesnt have the best doctors in the world and they're not thaat advanced or leading in top innovative surgeries and medicine. Well since he hates the rest of the world… where has he been going to get surgery? I mean the dude has a lot of money he can afford the best chances to take… but who's doing the surgeries and where is he getting them?? Or is he flying private doctors over or what's the plans here??

  2. Surgeons from China are flying to North Korea to help with Kim,
    Oh wonder what happened to his other surgeons.😂

  3. I wonder what people from the Asian community make of the recent rumours about Kim Jung Un & if his death would make any difference to people outside of the capital who face the worst poverty ⁉️ (I have an idea little would change but am curious what others in that region think. PS hope you're all staying safe & well, stay indoors if you can) 👍💛


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