Photoshop Touch For Phone Review and Tutorial – iPhone and Android Adobe Tutorial


Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone review and tutorial on how to use Photoshop Touch for phone on your iPhone or Android. We will cover a lot of it’s feature but by no means all, and find out whether it is worth $4.99 on the iTunes app store.

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Photoshop Touch for phone
Photoshop Touch
photoshop touch for phone review
photoshop touch for phone tutorial


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  1. Dude now I can use soon of my tools,cuz I had no idea thanks,and look forward to more videos for the touch,mobile ps,as well as regular ps5-6

  2. I love your voice <3 not being ironic or anything I really mean it. Your voice is so sexy and gentle :3 :3 love it

  3. @EpicTutorialsDotCom yup buddy! hit me up whenever you got it ready! since there is no review here on YouTube about Handy Photo except the one on the Advasoft channel that would be awesome

  4. Yes I agree with you. We use all three apps and Handy Photo is just awesome. Will be uploading a review and tutorial series soon. Thanks so much for your contribution. Really appreciate it.

  5. Great app! but filterstorm on iPad support 22megapixel and if you are a super Android user you might wanna check the new king in town: Handy Photo by Advasoft that supports up to 36Megapixel with some really unique features to it like the magic uncrop and all of that at 1/5 the price of Photoshop Touch.

  6. That's mighty kind of you Eugen. Thank you for the encouragement. We will have more tutorials on Photoshop Touch coming in the near future.

  7. Thanks so much Zaafar. We have a lot more videos coming over the next 4-6 weeks. Stay tuned. We think you will like them 🙂


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