Photoshop Touch is DEAD


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The time has come for Adobe to move on from the Photoshop Touch app-which seemed to limp out of the gate and never really catch on anyway-as they announced on Thursday that they would end development on the photo editing app that they had been trying to get popularized for the past three years. The app will continue to work, but there will be no new updates.


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  1. Photoshop touch on any galaxy note with s-pen was awesome. Not everyone is creating movie posters, a quick edit on the note was handy.

  2. Ugh, Photoshop Express was horrible and reviews from Photoshop Fix has been kinda negative, I wish touch would come back. 🙁

  3. ❤ Snapseed and Leonardo (on iOS) for quick retouches, obviously. 🙂  But I'm such a firm believer that for anything serious you absolutely must take the PC/Mac route.
    Btw, HILARIOUS thumbnail! Very Italian, "cut-throat" like gesture, pantomiming the death of "Photoshop Touch"…  So funny! :))

  4. I think that This new app has enough to offer. I think it helps people on the go. Yet i think things could be made better then what apps offer now. I hope that it is good.

  5. I can't work with photoshop without a Wacom tablet 😉

    For me this mobile stuff is a gimmick thing 😉

    PS oh and when affinity photo come out … I say bye bye Adobe 😉

  6. I can't really see myself using anything but a powerful laptop, Mac or PC, to edit (raw) photos. For the little mobile editing I need, Snapseed fills the space nicely. Casual users won't go to the trouble of learning layers anyway, I think.

  7. for me this mobil thing everything goes mobile is kind of a trend thats in my opinion just plane stupid to fall for and well its like many trends it serves wannabes 

    30 years ago yes it was not just cool it was profitable to have a phone while you are on the move and yes im talking about those big honkin car phones which weight like another person but now i see no reason what good is it to move your body parts around from point a to point b of course some exotic jobs still demand movement of bodyparts but what people seam to do every day getting in their car driving from city a to b while others drive from city b to a to work thats just time wasting and stupid. so i would see the mobil stuff going on for some time as a trend but as a future i cant imagine beeing in that sorry position not to be able to acces a proper interface. over the years we learned to sit down while eating there is no need to carry your soup around in the subway while standing there you could just relax an sit down. 

    yes im talking about a future where legs are much less developed due to inactivity over the next half million years maybe look at it like a body itself some parts still need moving like blood but most parts are pretty local and do their job instead of traveling i cant imagine the brain would be as good as its job while moving all the time from foot to shoulder and back again you get the idea

    thats beeing said i could imagine kids out there might go for the actions and there could be some more work like inbuild preview thumbnail to represent what a certain set of actions will do and people basicly just have tons of diffeent actions to choose from and try around without doing the behind the scenes work

  8. Although it is not perfect, I feel that Lightroom for Android has a more solid footing into the mobile arena.  PS Touch was as you say clunky, I didnt feel it was very intuitive. Lightroom Mobile on the other hand I had a much easier time navigating and felt it covered a lot of the quick adjustment features I would find in Lightroom for PC.  Oh.. and it's free, which is a huge bonus considering the disappointed feeling I have for paying for PS Touch.

  9. Love the new series!

    The problem is the casual audience doesn't really have much of a need for a portable photoshop type program if they're expected to pay for it. It'd be great for photographers or designers to do quick, on the spot edits or layouts to show people, but when there're other options that're cheaper, Adobe will have to find a new gimmick.

    Hopefully the tablet doesn't count as one of the installations. Between my work computer, home computer and laptop, I keep having to deactivate everything to switch work spaces.


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