Quick AUDIO REPAIR in Premiere with Accusonus ERA BUNDLE plugins (Review in Premiere Pro)


Quickly repair your audio and remove background noise or room echo in a few simple clicks with the Accusonus Era Plugin Bundle. In this video I will review the Noise remover, Reverb remover, De-esser and Plosive remover from Accusonus.

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Almost all the clips, photos and text effects that I used in this video are from my unlimited source with hundred-thousands quality assets:
Envato Elements –

00:00 intro to Era Bundle
01:45 Import and activate in Premiere
04:13 Noise Remover test
06:01 Reverb (echo) remover test
07:51 De-esser test
09:21 Plosive remover test
10:28 Conclusion

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Music used in this video:

Microphone used to record voiceover: Rode NT USB

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  1. Thank you for reviewing the ERA Bundle Nathan!
    For anyone interested in trying out our ERA plugins, you can get the fully functional free trial here : https://accusonus.com/lp/era-bundle-download

  2. You're the man. Accusonus should be ashamed of the half ass instructions they provided. You saved me time & I'm grateful. Cheers.

  3. Thank you for this tutorial, it was more helpful than the actual instructions Manual ! Your video saved my project!!!!

  4. Hi Orange83, I am really appreciate with all of ur videos. Anyway, can u show me how to animate your text in this video? Big thanks.

  5. Thanks orange83 i want to ask a question that is which is better than video editor and gaming mac and windows 100% thanks

  6. Hey Nathan (I guess it’s your name?) thanks for this review. It “sounds” very interesting! The plug in and the live testing is extraordinary ! The background noise has disappeared! I’m also very interested in the reverb remover ! How interesting ! I didn’t know this kind of plug in exists!

  7. Where did you find that 25-year old clip of Bjork used around the 1:27 mark? Watching it the first time, I said out loud "that's Bjork" but from a clip that's more than two decades old, yet looks like it was filmed recently.

  8. I'm a huge fan of your content, your templates and tutorials are super clutch,  you make some of the best tutorial videos out there. I just started with youtube myself, I do comedy videos and other cool content, i'm releasing my first video tonight.if you could give me feedback on how to improve and get better and produce better content i'm open to all advice from peeps. thanks guys

  9. Why is my Audio in PR not showing up in the timeline? The only sound I have is my song I imported and My OBS recordings sound isn't showing up even though it shows up perfectly when I crop but not in my timeline. This never happened before PLEASE HELP


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