Race Through Reality Season 4- Episode 3: America's Next Top Model & Project Runway


The remaining 8 contestants have avoided getting their torches snuffed, but now they’ll have to make it work in America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway!  Who will show off their fashion?  Who will strut like never before?  And who will be the third person eliminated from Race Through Reality?  Tune in every Thursday at 2:15pm for new episodes!

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    If you are interested in reading what I have to say about this particular episode, then feel free to expand this comment.   
    *WARNING*: It WILL contain SPOILERS so I would advise watching the episode first if you can please. >;)  

    Previously on RACE THROUGH REALITY (RTR) … After Laura left because of Ivy ‘The Bachelorette’, the NINE remaining players move onto competing in according to the host, one of the most beloved shows of all time, SURVIVOR! During that round, Leonel made himself a target right at the start, after saying he would get out the strongest players, while Cori and Lance prove to make a great team when they win the reward challenge together. Cori even wins the individual immunity challenge after that, making her a potential target for her performance so far moving forward, but is safe for now. Leonel was in the most trouble going into Tribal Council after his earlier strategy talks with selected players, but Jarod and Lance both decide they want to get Melanie out for different reasons, with the former of those two wanting to do this for originally voting to ‘hate’ the server the round before, and the latter just wanted to shake things up. Tony was one of the players that both Jarod and Lance talked to individually about this plan, and the stay at home father didn’t know what to do here, especially after he gave his trust to Ivy and in particular Melanie from earlier on. At the vote, Tony ended up betraying his female allies to ensure he was in the majority vote, which along with four others, most of the cast ‘served’ MELANIE, eliminating her from this season at a close 5-4 result. EIGHT players are left in the game, and the most recent blindside has definitely affected the trust issues for some. Will original alliances stay together or will new ones form? Was the move to eliminate Melanie over Leonel this early better or worse for some? And who will pay the price next, whether they were the culprit or the victim to the previous result? Find out right here!

    And before we begin again, the opening that re-caps the last round revealed something that wasn’t in the previous episode which was – Tony voting for Melanie! It was unknown originally which side Tony took as the episode showed him talking at the voting station, but here the answer is revealed, he DID betray Melanie. I can also confirm, based on the previous episode that Lance and Leonel also voted for Melanie, and I want to presume Jarod wrote the server’s name down too after what he said before as well. This would therefore confirm four of the five votes for Melanie, so who was the last? Again, I am presuming the girl alliance of Cori, Ivy, and Melanie, all stuck together and voted the same way towards Leonel, which means we are left with Freddy and Karla. One of them voted in the majority, and the other tried to save Melanie, so who is who? We might find out very shortly…

    Opening confessionals begin with Tony admitting that he did make an alliance with Melanie and Ivy, but he made the move to turn against them. Not sure what he said at the end, but I guess it was to do with the competition that thinks getting Melanie out was the better choice in this round. He probably has a point there, Melanie was better than Leonel in performance at least. Speaking of which, Leonel was lucky to avoid getting voted out last round, and is sure he is now here for being the weakest, but believes this is how he will get to the final. We’ll see Leonel, there is still a lot of game left, and sometimes the worst performers get automatically eliminated in selected rounds. 

    Now for Ivy, oooooh, she seemed the most shocked out of all of competitors from Melanie’s elimination, probably even more than the one that left herself. Ivy was convinced that everyone was going to vote for Leonel last round, and yet she said everybody betrayed her – Well, technically not EVERYone betrayed you Ivy, just a majority of five players from that round. We then go to an extra scene just after the most recent elimination, where a furious Ivy catches up to Freddy and Jarod, where she demanded an explanation to why the vote went the way it did. Both guys admitted that they did vote Melanie off, and when Ivy asked why they changed the original plans, Jarod responds that they did have a plan, THEIR plan, which was not the same as Ivy’s plan, thus why it didn’t play the way she thought. Ivy of which in her confessional responds with feeling like crap, and furthermore she really misses Melanie. Welcome to Race Through Reality Ivy, where not everything might go according to plan, like you thought it would!

    Continuing with a walk back from Freddy, Ivy, and Jarod, and now with Lance joining them, the Missionary continues on to explain to the Psychology Major his reasoning of voting out Melanie was to do with him saying he hated the server in ‘The Bachelorette’. Jarod further adds that despite not being targeted by Melanie last round, he knows he would have been eventually due to his original vote choice. All the while, Lance was listening in, and shares to the viewers his belief that Jarod thinks he’s running things and taking the credit for the Melanie blindside, adding that if it wasn’t for this DJ’s connections and talks with the others, the previous elimination would have never happened. Lance concludes in confession that Jarod can take credit as much as he wants, but it would be ‘The Bayou King’ promising here that he will reap the benefits of this move more than the Missionary ever could. The way I see it, Lance definitely made the move first and talked to more people about it, Jarod just made sure everyone was on the same page as him. So yeah Jarod, you were probably just lucky the vote was heading in that direction anyway. 

    Continuing the walk, Ivy uses her detective skills to work out who the four Leonel votes were. Melanie was obviously one of them, Ivy with certainty voted Leonel, and she also says Lance voted for the retired man too (That’s a LIE Ivy, we viewers know that Lance voted for Melanie! Don’t believe him here!). Then Ivy says that she believes in her heart that Karla also voted for Leonel. Interesting idea Ivy, but the flashbacks prove this, as during another never before seen scene from last episode, while the players were waiting, she and Karla shared who they voted for, and the Psychology Major of which was caught off guard to hear that the Photographer voted for Leonel, just like her. This definitely caused a scene, that resulted in the other’s smirks, in fact, I believe if you pay attention to the previous episode this moment was from when either Leonel voted or when Dustin went to collect the box. Karla in confessional explains that people ‘think’ she and Leonel are in an alliance just because they speak Spanish to each other most of the time, she even admits to having a good relationship with the retired man. However Karla points out how Leonel was trying to make everyone fail. Okay? I think Karla means Leonel is trying to make everyone a target for being strong, and I guess she is avoiding him in case his actions backfire, and that she takes the fall instead? Regardless, Karla is basically saying that she is not working with Leonel at this point, and her revealed vote in one more ‘never before seen scene’ confirms she did try to get rid of him. So, with everyone I said earlier, I guess this means all the girls voted for Leonel, and the guys all got Melanie out at that last Tribal Council. Girls vs. Boys in this case. That is what I think, but not everyone is certain on the votes here, not even Cori when she was talking to Karla about not knowing who is in her alliance anymore or even who to trust. The Photographer of which responds with probably the best answer you can give in these sorts of competitions ‘We are all enemies here’. So true Karla, one’s self of which can even be our biggest enemy. This probably means very much all, if not most, alliances that were made so far are out of the window because of that one vote, right?

    To be continued in PART TWO…

  2. Next for season FOUR, is round THREE, combining TWO similar fashioned based rounds, 'America's Next Top Model' and 'Project Runway', which will result in the downfall of ONE more here. Will the predictable happen, where the girls do better, or will some of the guys respond beyond expectation? View the episode and see. As I mentioned before, I won't be reviewing this season (yet), but for now, I put down here the notable highlights of this episode. Extend if you want to see more (*WARNING*, these are spoilers, so watch the episode first if you can please).

    Remember, this is NOT my review of season four, just some things interesting points I picked up in this particular episode.
    0:29 – TONY VOTED FOR MELANIE??? There was me thinking he, Cory, Ivy and Melanie all voted for Leonel. This needs some explaining from him for the betrayal.
    1:42 – Ivy, being a major in Forensic Psychology, begins her investigation to why last round's vote did not go according to plan. Jarod takes the credit for the 'vote Melanie' move, but we viewers know that Lance was really the one that originally started this idea. As Ivy is breaking down who voted for Leonel, she mentioned Lance voting for him as well as Karla, but if that's true, then it means Cory voted for Melanie. So something does not add up here…
    2:39 – Karla does confirm that she did vote Leonel last round, meaning she does not really have an alliance with him despite the two of them speaking Spanish. So the way I see it now, this confirms that at least Ivy (unless she is pretending), Karla and Melanie all voted Leonel. So who was the fourth? Cory or Lance? Based on previous reactions I want to say Cory, and Lance has lied to make Ivy think he's on her side. Interesting. Regardless, as Cory stated, you don't know who to trust. At least someone is manipulating the truth here in the opening few minutes.
    3:23 – Dustin announces a RTR first, where teams will be competing in two different shows in one round (depends on how you think about this, e.g. Season 2's Gameshow Gauntlet, but okay), and Cory's advantage from winning last round's immunity is to make up one pair and two teams of three. She no surprisingly pairs up with her main alliance partner Ivy, and likely due to laziness, let the other teams form based on which couch they are on. If you don't know the others too well, then I guess that works if you don't know what the round is yet.

    AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL – It returns after it's only original appearance back in Season One, back then, the theme was the seven deadly sins, but here however, we are keeping to the season's theme, 'LOVE'!
    PROJECT RUNWAY – Making it's debut to RTR, considering that I believe contestants have to make clothes out of everything, it makes sense why the crew here decide to combine this with ANTM. If you are a fan from the beginning and think about it, the elements of Project Runway could of also been seen in Season 1's ANTM run, they just made it official here. >;)

    I personally think this one should of been a nine player round for episode two to make teams equal, therefore making Survivor round three and letting everyone participate in reward fairly, but RTR made these decisions, so they must of had their reasons (likely for how the advantages work out). Anyway, here the theme is love as usual, and each team's only materials to use for outfits are literally the clothes on their back – Season 1's cast got off lucky!

    8:10 – Jarod thinks ahead and gathers votes for Leonel in case the guy team (of Lance, Leonel and Tony) loses. However Freddy (who Jarod believes is not playing too well of a game), is taking advantage of the information Jarod secretly tells him, and sharing it with others (such as Jarod's final two plan with Tony). Finally, Freddy is starting to make some more moves since episode one.
    9:57 – Fernando (season 1) and Kendra (season 3) guess appearances. <3
    11:14 – Lance decides to make 'The Love Boat Alliance', consisting of him, Cory, Freddy and Ivy. Lance also shares with his alliance info of him finding 'The Pendent of Power' and what it does, which I originally thought saves him from elimination, was actually the ability to cancel one round, resulting in no eliminations. This confirms to the group about Jarod's idol being fake, and in Cori's case, her concerns of working with Lance in the future. Leonel and Tony also look a little suspicious towards that alliance.
    12:50 – Sabra (Season 3), Alan (Original RTR creator) and Kendra again, guest appear as judges. <3 for all of you. Oh and you were alright on the catwalk too Dustin, I guess.

    I could go into detail with the teams performances this round, but that I will save for 1) the detailed review in the future and 2) to some degree say briefly when responding to RTR's main comment of questions. >;D

    15:45 – 'I didn't know it's love themed…' said by Freddy. Face Palm, Dustin said the theme of this at the start of the round Freddy. Not good for you.
    16:31 – Those pants, them judges don't love. :'(
    17:00 – The one thing I will say here is that it must of been awkward for the models, Cory, Karla and Tony, to hear all the criticism when they in particular cannot leave the room, and even a tougher challenge to not to respond towards negative comments.

    Long story short on the results, with mix thoughts on all designs, the duo of Cory and Ivy did deserve this win the most for their skills and especially talent behind the photoshoot, while I will say I was a little surprised that the judges give second place to Lance, Leonel and Tony. Which means one of Freddy, Jarod and Karla is going next.

    The final vote from those safe, comes at 3-1-1, with Freddy interestingly the one to be eliminated (thanks to Tony, Cory and a name confused Leonel), or WOULD OF been, had the PENDANT OF LOVE/POWER (secretly played by Lance) not been played. Thanks to Lance in particular, he saved his fellow 'Love Boat' alliance partner Freddy from going out this round, but with the only main downside being no elimination happening this episode. So no discussion is needed on Freddy – yet.

    And that is it for me. When I review this in the future, I will look back on this in better detail, but for now that is the general summary.

    Looking forward to the next one, as it's race time for real once more for episode four!
    Until next time.
    Forrest Mightyena. Over and out. >;D


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