Reacting To The FAMOUS Spider Photoshoot in America's Next Top Model


They really made the models put spiders on their face for this photoshoot without even TELLING THEM BEFOREHAND LOL. America’s Next Top model is savage.


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  1. When they pulled that spider out I would’ve lost the competition right then and there Spiders r my biggest fear in life Nope. I’m out

  2. I would love to pose with a spider.. They don't feel amazing to hold bc you shouldn't really move it isn't like my pet snake that is interactive and curious and soft. Spiders are bit hairy and thin so I can completely understand that for someone to first experience spires in their face isn't best first meeting lol I just had one on my hand so I was ok with it.

  3. They get mad at them for not focusing and then they get mad at them for being focused and thus "not bubbly" 🙄

  4. So like… How about instead of ANTM they make an Americas next top photographer and Jessica is a judge 😂😂 i'd so watch that!!!!

  5. everyone else already said everything i was thinking so i just wanted to say you look amazing here, Jessica!! always do but this look is soo nice on u

  6. IT WAS FAKE KENTE. It looked so cheaply mad. It’s like be being indigenous and them getting mad why i didn’t choose a cheaply made Native American head dress.

  7. If one of those girls walked in with a fake gucci bag Tyra and those judges would have called them out hard. But Yay can''t know an authentic hat and call it out?

  8. There's one thing Tyra Banks is awful at, and that is communication. Her communication is dreadful. I know I am not great and therefore I can see it in someone who is also not great.

  9. I started watching the next season onwards until like S17 or something.
    I’m so fed up with this because there’s a difference between “proving your african-ness” and being proud of your ethnic roots.
    Also, during a time of 2005, it’s sad that it was frowned upon to be proud of your roots.
    Man, I would’ve argued back and be like “I don’t care if you eliminate me. In fact, I’m gonna walk out.”
    Like, their comments, it just sort of makes people, in a way, shameful? Like, they’re not allowed to be proud or celebrate their ethnic roots.
    I can’t believe I used to like this show

  10. god you can tell yaya's trying so hard to hold it together and be so polite/respectful, and she wasn't even being defensive she just wanted to explain herself? they're putting her in such an uncomfortable situation for what reason? if she was white would anybody be accusing her of trying to "prove" her whiteness? i dont think so :/

  11. If Tyra wanted to make a point, she should have stepped to Yaya's level. Not talk down to her while she herself is on a pedestal, or a step higher

  12. As someone who spends time with spiders, reptiles, and amphibians, I would have taken the spider home with me. Don't judge the spider, he just wanted to be on top. xD

  13. I think to go to the show they make the models sign papers and stuff, so that they agree, that the show can change them how they want to and what to pose with. But I don't know, just what I think they'd do.

  14. My theory on that whole hat thing is that the producers were always going to single out Yaya. They picked a tacky cliche African hat for Yaya. If she picked it they would have critiqued her for going in a cliche direction. When she didn’t pick it and actually looked great they couldn’t drop the idea so they flipped it on why she didn’t wear it. Her defensive argument made a lot of sense and actually made the judges look bad. Tyra cannot allow that so they had to attack Yayas personality. The whole thing is quite disgusting and really shows how fake it was. Also I think they had in planned they were going to send Tocarra home because they didn’t want a plus size model to win they literally attacked her for being professional


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