(REVIEW) America's Next Top Model: Season 23, Episode 3 Make Your Mark (RECAP)


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(REVIEW) America’s Next Top Model : Season 23, Episode 3 Make Your Mark (RECAP)
The judges design signature looks for each of the contestants but some aren’t too pleased with their makeovers. Ashley encourages the ladies to be comfortable with their bodies as they embark on a nude photo shoot challenge.

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  1. And another thing! Cherish during her fair well scene was so full of herself it was painful to watch lol second hand embarrassment

  2. Oh hey girl! I'm only now watching this episode ! As beautiful is Courtney is and as good as pictures are she's super annoying and uptight. But all the girls this season need to chill the hell out, like damn ladies! The makeovers this seasons were kind of boring to me. Like India and Kyles and Cori are the only make overs I remember, but goodness the drama at the makeover was amazing! I don't agree with who who went home at all, I think they should have kept Cherish around for sure!

  3. Part 2—haha. I feel that Cherish was more upset with the producers decision to dye her hair an "even" color red than to do something completely different with it. Only because in the beginning she looked excited to do it. She might have felt that it was all in vein (spl). OMG, while I was watching I was like " this is some BS". Cherish's photo clearly had more spunk and personality than most the other girls there. Even in the photo shoot she was having the most fun. I was heartbroken. Side note. I loved how before she started complaint to Sally about her makeover, she introduced herself. Lol. Love ya Christine. Seeya next week

  4. Thanx Love for the shout out!!! Ok so Let's Talk cause I have a lot to say this episode,haha. First off. Courtney is annoying but I'm on the fence with how to handle that fight. I would think to just have the late night chats in the living room to let the early sleepers get their rest, so that's solved. But I guess if I was Courtney I would leave the room and keep the peace. As far as Makeovers go………..Cody's makeover is "Meh" and Idia's is so cute.


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