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This is a comprehensive Flight Review of VietJet Airbus A321-200 in Economy Class.
Route: Singapore Changi (SIN) to Hanoi (HAN)
Flight Number: VJ916


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  1. Follow me on for daily updates! DISCLAIMER: This vlog was filmed before the global pandemic. Please stay at home!

  2. Hmm.. i just more excited if you make content alone by yourself like before. 😔
    because you're more expressive, depeer about details, honest and focused.

    So sorry Josh 🙏
    but.. wish you all the best with what you do and what you choose.

  3. Why people even asked …. not why why it’s call ultra Budget…. because it’s dam cheap (I meant in price) What you expect! There are female flight attendants around….. just they are not in bikinis. Wrong information…. no matter where you sit, which ever row, the seats cannot be recline, and there are several videos which shows the flight attendants…. the female attendants were all decently dressed, with their uniform…. so please do not use this as a gimmick to attract viewership….. and study your facts before you state them. And it’s ultra Budget as the price of the ticket is very inexpensive….. one of the video stated $23 for 1 way flight. So Guess who is the ultra cheap one……

  4. This is one of the worst airlines in the world because they always delay during takeoff time and they scamed me to pay 4000 bhat for extra lagague fuck this airline

  5. They are not known as bikini airlines and the company got in a lot of hot water for advertising with girls in bikinis – the CAAV even got involved. Just a hint – if it takes girls in bikinis to promote an airline you can imagine that they have nothing to offer!!!
    Late aircraft, frequent cancellations, no refunds and inexplicable price increases for the next available flight are simply business as usual for this rubbish airline. They are the most unreliable airline in VN. This is not ultra low cost it is ultra bad service! In-flight magazines are dirty, ripped and stained with food spills. Seat back pockets are disgusting and never cleaned properly – tray tables are a breeding ground for disease – ask the flight attendant who cleans them or how often they are cleaned???
    You have distinguished yourself above all others for recommending this rubbish airline – they have a reputation for poor customer service, junk low value food and rip off tactics – did you forget that your flight was two hours late? I might add you were lucky it was only two hours – I have waited 6 hours only to have the damn flight cancelled and then I took a bus back to SGN. You even mentioned yourself that you pay for every little thing – the ticket price is 'initially' low that is how they get attention but when you stack on food, luggage +++, you have no longer a low price ticket.
    Vietnam Airlines is now my family's first choice – more expensive in most cases but a reliable service with good food.
    Lastly – my wife was stranded by these VietJet clowns for nearly 7 hours in a dark airport with the flight re-timed 4 times – not great – no apologies and no body cared.
    Bikini Airlines my ass.
    I won't be watching you again – you have no clue!

  6. Great and very honest review as always – loved seeing you travel as a couple again. You should do some more travel vlogs together once we’re out of this crisis. A culinary journey through Vietnam/Asia would be great for example. Keep up the magnificent work and stay safe.

  7. I love josh and his content, However, he's been doing this way too long not have a better command of the English Language. E.g. "Flavors, Spaghetties, and Turbulances" . Really Josh? C'mon babe.

  8. The best entertainment during a flight is right there, on your right: the window views. When there's not much visibility, a good book is my first option…

  9. Vietjet is an airline I try to avoid at all cost to be fair. Cabin crew is good to outstanding usually, but the legroom is painful and I can't even sit straight with it.

  10. Just visited Hanoi at December.. Beautiful destination and best winter destination too. Especially I love Hanoi airport such a beautiful eye sight for all airlines.. The best airport at Asia.

  11. Traveling with a pretty girl! That's great but the bathroom is sooo small that there is no room for a mile high adventure. However, I did appreciate the colorful bathroom but there is no shelf to change baby's diaper! The good and the bad, BUT your reviews are always good.


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