Rita Ora Announces The Models Who Will Be Moving On To The Finals | America's Next Top Model

Giải Trí

In the toughest elimination yet, Rita bids farewell to another model, presenting the three models who will be moving on to the final round.


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Rita Ora Announces The Models Who Will Be Moving On To The Finals | America’s Next Top Model

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42 thoughts on “Rita Ora Announces The Models Who Will Be Moving On To The Finals | America's Next Top Model

  1. I should go back to watching RuPaul, after discovering that show I have been so entertained that watching anything else like ANTM is boring af.

  2. It's obvious that India will win this season since there's no more Courtney and the Wells twins. This season seems dunno how to retains their viewers. smh

  3. Yes, Courtney took strong editorial shots. She has a bone structure that could cut someone, a marketable look in the high fashion world. BUT, could she pull off a commercial look? A cosmetics contract for Rimmel? No. She was not the right fit for these particular prizes, and I think a lot of people forget that when considering who was eliminated. She was one of my favorites, but in terms of this prize package, she was not the right fit. The judges have to take into consideration the Rimmel contract, VH1. She would've been great in a Paper editorial and on the cover, she has the edgiest look out of who's left. But she also complained a lot, and that does not fare over well in the fashion world with high-end clients. Drew was right to be on her all season about her constant complaining. With that said, Coryanne should've been gone a while ago. Tatiana does not fit this prize package, as well. India is the strongest contestant as well as the most well-rounded. Courtney would do well with prior packages including Italian Vogue, etc.

  4. This is the worst season of ANTM ever! The judges are a joke, and the only girls who looked like model material were Binta and Courtney.

  5. From what I heard, India wins, Tatiana is 1st runner up and Coryanne is the 2nd runner up.

    (This is based on what was going around and people saying someone they knew went to the finals and watched)

  6. I'm so confused as to why they let CoryAnne stay. Like how many chances are they going to give her? She's been in the bottom so many times…I just hope India wins this thing

  7. So glad I missed to watch this episode. I felt the same when LEILA didn't win. To my opinion, only COURTNEY has a huge potential on face value. But I do understand that ANTM title is not meant for her. She is destined for a bigger award or a huge project in the future. Goodluck ANTM! I wont watch the Finale anymore. BYE!

  8. I have a feeling that maybe coryanne win this season….🤔 but i love courtney so much😭 and tatiana has a perfect body😍


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