Robot Wars Series 1 REBOOT – Heat A (Robot Arena 2)

Công Nghệ

The Prime Minister decided to have some fun! This included remaking the whole of Robot Wars Series 1, with a new format for all the returning replicas!

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For my videos, I use the following equipment and software:
Canon EOS 1200D Camera
Sony FDR-AX33
Zoom H2n Portable microphone
Neewer CN-126 LED light & Soft Box
HP Envy Beats Audio Desktop
Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video Editing Programme
LiteCam Screen Capture

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17 thoughts on “Robot Wars Series 1 REBOOT – Heat A (Robot Arena 2)

  1. Really nice idea this, and you fit the Series 1 vibe very well with the intros. I had to wait until the coronavirus joke to know for sure that it wasn't a straight rip from Clarkson! The replicas look great too, although you know you have a weak heat when only two of the six robots even made the Arena stage in Series 1, with the only one to win a fight at all being Wedgehog…

  2. This is awesome, glad to see you making more videos. The production levels are top notch, it looks really authentic!

  3. I love that Dreadnaut is literally just made out of extender joints.
    Also, it might be just me but you do come off like how Clarkson was in the actual show. The way you present yourself and deliver your lines, you almost sound just like him. Well done.

  4. Excellent episode, I was rooting for Dreadnaut all the way through as I just love the RA2 replica of it and they do surprisingly well but there ground clearance was no match for Grunt. Not sure how Grunt will do in the Grand Finals, let's just say they're not really my top pick for the title but you never know, they are low to the ground. Are you planning on doing all the series or just series 1, it would be very cool to some of the more modern classic series era machines get made in RA2?

  5. Ayy, a Robot Wars video! Was hoping for one of these, as so far I've spent half of my time in quarantine modding Extreme destruction (yes, that's what my life has come to.)

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