Singapore's Case 44, a Certis officer, recounts his fight against COVID-19


From fighting for his life to celebrating his birthday in a hospital — a Certis officer has survived his fight against COVID-19. He was also the first recipient of the Courage Fund, which helps vulnerable individuals and families affected by the virus, including frontline workers. Singapore’s Case 44 still does not know how he contracted the virus. He was on duty during Chingay, although not at the main parade. But as part of his role as a quarantine order agent, he had served orders on two Wuhan residents who later tested positive for COVID-19.

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7 thoughts on “Singapore's Case 44, a Certis officer, recounts his fight against COVID-19

  1. Was he ordered Not to wear mask?
    Many places forbid staffs to wear masks
    Was that true?

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  3. If not for the failure of the PAP, do you think case 44 would have suffered COIVD-19 in the first place? Do not vote for the PAP.

  4. 44 = Freemason Hoax Code. U.S. Politician Heard Saying Corona Virus Is A Hoax:

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