Snatch That Look: Alaska's 'Rita Ora' Make-Up Tutorial | America's Next Top Model

Giải Trí

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Alaska recreates a look worn by host Rita Ora on America’s Next Top Model.


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Snatch That Look: Alaska’s ‘Rita Ora’ Make-Up Tutorial | America’s Next Top Model


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46 thoughts on “Snatch That Look: Alaska's 'Rita Ora' Make-Up Tutorial | America's Next Top Model

  1. I've always thought that Alaska has the most beautiful paint. Not too warm, not too ashy. Really elegant.

  2. Alaska looks better and did it better than Rita. Point blank…..Nothing else needs to be said or done. Awesome look Alaska.

  3. My big brother is a drag queen and he really wants to see you put he can’t because he is very pourly and disabled 😢

  4. No hate.. but just tell me guys isn’t it a little… ALOT weird to see a boy talking and putting on makeup on…

  5. She looks like a wicked queen that has killed all her lovers and owns millions of dollars worth of jewellery

  6. I LOVE drag queens and I’ve always wanted to meet one and literally right after this video, I met 2 of them!!!!!!!We had a drag queen story time thingy at my school and it was AWESOME

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