Snatch That Look: Alaska's 'Rita Ora' Make-Up Tutorial | America's Next Top Model


RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Alaska recreates a look worn by host Rita Ora on America’s Next Top Model.


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Snatch That Look: Alaska’s ‘Rita Ora’ Make-Up Tutorial | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. Alaska looks better and did it better than Rita. Point blank…..Nothing else needs to be said or done. Awesome look Alaska.

  2. My big brother is a drag queen and he really wants to see you put he can’t because he is very pourly and disabled 😢

  3. No hate.. but just tell me guys isn’t it a little… ALOT weird to see a boy talking and putting on makeup on…

  4. I LOVE drag queens and I’ve always wanted to meet one and literally right after this video, I met 2 of them!!!!!!!We had a drag queen story time thingy at my school and it was AWESOME


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