Tash Emulates Tina Turna & Courtney Channels Madonna | America's Next Top Model


Courtney, Tash, Cody, and CoreyAnn pose as four boss ladies in the music industry.


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Tash Emulates Tina Turna & Courtney Channels Madonna | America’s Next Top Model

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  1. They should bring jay alexander. I feel this guy makes the models nervous. When jay used to talk to them n find out what they were thinking n feeling instead of yelling to them.

  2. I don’t like Tatiana at all even though she would be a good model with that attitude she ain’t going nowhere

  3. "Give me that editorial back of the grocery store" I'm trying to visualize that but wtf does it even mean?! 😂😂😂😂

  4. Courtney, India bouth amazing, but we all know bought is too short for runways, Courtney is 5.7 India 5,8, Courtney-High fashion, editorial girl, India mix betwen comercial and editorial 🙂 this cycle is totally mess, because winner get contract with talent agency not model… and we see that now show actually about how to be boss not how to be high fashion model, iam happy because we can proud of some girls from all cycles, Leila now on point,Fatima-fabolous.iam upset, because this show become boring,…. Iam rooting for India and Courtney.Sorry for my gram..;/

  5. Which VH1 employee is going to get REPRIMANDED for doing a damn injustice by uploading a video with ~THE~ Tina TurnER's name spelt wrong?!?!? Smh 😒😒😒

  6. If modelling was about beauty then definitely India but one of the key things is having strong striking features. The twins do not represent traditional beauty but if they walk into a room especially the short hair one, you would turn. She has striking cheekbones, jawline, etc and extremely beautiful body delivering great shapes. Courtney is very very beautiful coupled with striking face. top 4 India, Twins, Courtney


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