Tesla, EVs & Americas Lithium Supply

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Analysis on the main US lithium suppliers Albemarle, Livent, Lithium Americas & Piedmont.

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Lithium Americas



0:00 Intro
0:48 Piedmont
4:41 Albemarle
6:29 Livent
7:43 Lithium Americas
8:53 Summary

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47 thoughts on “Tesla, EVs & Americas Lithium Supply

  1. There is a way to extract lithium from clay and claystone, as found at the McDermitt Caldera complex. Sulfuric acid leaching can do it, rapidly. It is a story in itself; when purchasing shares in Lithium Americas DBA Western Lithium years ago, I was impressed by the older, more complex route, and bought in. Then I did more extensive analysis, and found that a newer process- H2SO4 leaching- was more promising, not the least because sulfuric acid is produced by burning sulfur, which can be used to produce heat as a byproduct, leading to use in generating carbon-neutral electricity. The electricity so produced can be sold to those facilities requiring carbon-neutral power. Acid leaching is also less expensive than the older process. The Investor Presentations also mention scalability as another major advantage.

    I have owned shares in several lithium enterprises; this is my favorite.

    Great channel! Keep up the good work!

  2. Would you please consider researching and reporting on American Lithium Corp? They reportedly have found a way to simplify the extraction method.

  3. do you have a discord channel where we can meet and discuss about these kind of subject, i really would love to talk to peiople around the world who are into ev and stock picking around this market

  4. yes please make same video on the other chemicals used in the battery very eager to see your result and thanks for this amazing briefing

  5. Brilliant video, I love your honest and sensible delivery. You've really turned me on to lithium investing! Pun intended 😆

  6. another company listed as a supplier for Tesla is Pure Energy Minerals,{PEMIF} its just getting started in Nevada , it a 10 cent stock they have found the highest quality lithium

  7. I think this is the first video on YouTube I've seen with chapter markers. I didn't know that was a feature until I Lougled it just now. Now if I can only figure out how to skip to the next chapter…

  8. Great video! Best analysis on US Lithium stocks I've found yet. Would love to see a video on the other RAW materials needed for ev battery production. Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. Surely those who are buying TSLA, NIO, KNDI, etc shares are going to realize at some point that those companies are going to have to sell a lot of EV's to warrant those markets caps? And then put 2 + 2 together and realize that is going to require a LOT more lithium?

  10. I own some Albemarle stock. I was surprised when you said that 1/3 of their revenue came from lithium products. I had the impression that it was closer to half, but I am sure you are correct.

  11. This was great, exactly what I was looking for. Would love to hear more about nickle and cobalt company's who are well positioned. Thanks for the content, you've found an awesome niche here and are the best content on this I have been able to find.

  12. Lithum will be in oversupply until at least mid year 2021. Lots of spodumene miners holding back production and some even in care and maintenance. EV sales had zero growth in 2019 (Chinese subsidy cuts) and this year (virus) but hopefully things pick up. Need big EV sales growth to uptake the oversupply.

  13. Nickel is the only part of the battery chemistry not planned for removal from any company. Lithium is abundant and cheap. Cobalt is rare and controversial. Nickel is in the clear. Ticker symbol JJN, ipath Bloomberg series B, ETF

  14. Nice summary. Would appreciate coverage of the big Chinese players like Ganfeng. They've been leaving their American, Canadian and Australian counterparts in the dust and there must be a reason for a 150% share price increase since November 2019.


  16. LIACF just released a pr on 06/17/2020 .American Lithium Reports Simplifying the Lithium Extraction Process Using Ambient Temperature Acid Cure Leaching On Samples From TLC Lithium Project, Nevada. https://www.americanlithiumcorp.com/2020/06/17/american-lithium-reports-simplifying-the-lithium-extraction-process-using-ambient-temperature-acid-cure-leaching-on-samples-from-tlc-lithium-project-nevada/

  17. Lithium America has already solved the problem in exstracting the lithium in Nevada. You should do another video just in lithium America.

  18. That video is a great starting point for building a view on how to invest in battery materials. I'd really appreciate further videos on other battery materials and more in depth on these companies. Great channel, well done.

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