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Ok, so first things first: This week, the FED started buying Corporate Bonds. If this gets even worse, it’s SUSPECTED that the FED might even go as far to buy INDIVIDUAL STOCKS of companies…he believes the SP500 could re-test its previous lows in this next month, and at that point…the FED would have no other choice but to buy stocks and take ownership of American Companies.

Unfortunately, though…it’s not exactly clear if investors are heeding that type of advice, because now – we have this: ‘Cooped-up’ millennial traders have sparked a new pandemic — it won’t end well, warns Princeton economist.

He says, that basically, cooped up millennials are bored at home – and because stock trading apps like Robinhood have made investing so easily accessible with as little as a dollar – people have flooded the stock market in search of easy profits from home, by investing in hard hit companies.

This is also mirrored by a well known investing Billionaire, who said mom and pop investors in the stock market will “End in tears” – and more specifically, he’s warning against people who are speculating in stocks for quick profits. Although, I DO think these very wealthy investors have a point when they warn against stock market speculation.

But, even with all of that out of the way, there’s also another concern: The value of the dollar could fall, very very sharply.

And for us as individuals…it’s a little troubling. It could mean that stock and real estate values end up going way up, so for those that are not invested in the market – it’s going to be a lot more expensive to get in. But, again, this is really all speculation….and it’s yet to be seen if something like this is going to happen anytime soon.

However…not even that is dissuading people from holding onto cash at record levels right now. According to The WallStreetJourney, cash in money market funds reached $4.6 trillion dollars, the highest level since 1992.

Obviously, the reasoning for this is simple: many wealthy investors don’t know how to navigate investing in such a volatile market where the Federal Reserve can essentially make announcements that move the markets, so they’re holding out in cash while things simmer down…and, I’ll be honest, I’m in the same boat.

On a positive note, though…it does show that there’s a LOT of money sitting on the sidelines, and if prices do fall too far…there’s no shortage of people with money to buy back in. So, that COULD be a good sign, in a weird way.

And finally…in some odd, kinda good news on top of all of this…the HOUSING MARKET IS ACTUALLY GOING UP.
Zillow has also found more buyers participating in the market, with 50% of offers facing a bidding war to get the property. The reason for this is that there’s less inventory on the market as sellers hold off from listing their home, interest rates are absurdly low, and that’s fueling a housing shortage that’s causing buyers to pay more to get the same home – driving up prices.

All in all, though…at the end of the day, what this tells us is that we should NOT ONLY have cash on hand to see us through potentially rough times, but also that the safest option is to continue to stay invested in the markets.

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  1. Hey everyone! Let me know if you like this type of format and if so, I can make a weekly video every Friday that goes over that week's financial news. Sometimes these topics are too brief to cover on their own, but they're still INSANELY interesting to bring up and discuss…if it's a popular idea, I'll turn this type of episode into a weekly series. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks and have a great weekend! (Plus don't forget to DESTROYYYYYYY THE LIKE BUTTON!!!1)

  2. Well, if the Bank of Japan can do it. I mean then why shouldn't we. It is not like the bank of Japan's policy have failed to create any economic growth for decades, right?

  3. Cash in the bank is a NO for me, and although the market is volatile, investors are still able to make the best from the market, a particular investor made up to $350,000 from trading about $100,000 within a couple MONTHS, so do they stand a better chance than others or is it just sheer luck?

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  6. I just realized when he says cahs he means money in the bank, where I'm from(South Europe) cash means physical money that you stash uner your matteres because we dont trust out banks, I can see we grew up in VERY diffrent envitoments 😂

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  8. I was rewatching this video and realized I really hope you sanitized that bill somehow. The places it's been… Could of been in someone else's mouth actually

  9. Who the hell is holding cash? Not 'mom and pop' as we all have barely enough to get by. Pre Covid19 I was earning just over 100K a year. I am making less than a quarter of that now. I am lucky to have no debts, but I soon will if things don't change. I get $2,000 per month and I have to give $1,000 of that to my ex. With $800/mth rent, $100/mth cell phone, I have $100/month to cover gas, maintenance and insurance on my Jeep. Insurance alone is $200/mth. So please tell me what investment options are open to me? I am very seriously considering moving into a fan, as I do not have a lot of options…

  10. Does hitting the like button more than once actually count more than once (assuming you are hitting the like button an odd number of times ? (I think not.)

  11. This kind of pisses me off, people think real TA day traders are idiots because some people just buy the most popular stocks on RH without even knowing what a limit order is

  12. Why would you think that the government buying in would be good for our investments long term? Government adds 0's to prices does not make me feel more comfortable with investing in the stock market and adds 0 products or efficiency to the market.

  13. Not related to this video, but do you happen to have a video discussing what to expect when filing taxes for the first time after being new to the stock market? Maybe that is a n00b concern, but I am really new to the stock market, and have no idea what to expect, or what information I am going to need for taxes next year.

  14. GRAHAM!! One way you could diversify your channel and add something new is by doing a “Graham Stephan hour” kinda like what Dave Ramsey does but yours would be much better. I feel like a ton of people would watch.

  15. Dont count on real estate holding up if this virus lasts longer than this year though. Renters that lose jobs will move back in with family and combine households. The lowest risk is always to owe no money to anyone especially banks, no credit cards and no mortgages. Banks loaning more out than people can ever repay keeps the dollar strong and debtors in trouble during every recession. My message is even when times are good and the future looks great: Don't borrow. Don't borrow. Don't borrow. Cash is king until something else becomes useful for paying the rent and utilities and property taxes.

  16. Great video, Graham. Let me give an advice…it is highly necessary to have different streams of income in this times. I would suggest investments in stock. Also, seek professional help if you have little or no idea in stocks. I started investing in with help from a lady I looked up online after seeing an interview she granted. Her name is Mary Margaret Cartier. I have currently made over 800k USD in less than 4 months. It is amazing.

  17. CAN YOU CHANGE THE SOUND OF THE LIKE BUTTON!! my dog is scared of that sound but I enjoy watching your videos, hope you see this thanks

  18. Dave Ramsey unsubscribed you even though he never subscribed your channel :P. Oh, He also smashed that dislike button.

  19. So keep investing money into the market but keep cash on hand just in case or to take advantage of great deals? Umm, seems a little contradictory unless you make enough to have your finances evaluated by Kevin O'Leary, like Graham. Still, very nice summary of what is going on!


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