The BEST External Drives for Video Editing: SSD vs HDD


What are the best external drives for video editing? Should you use an external hard drive (HDD) or a solid state drive (SSD)? Find out in this video!

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✅Samsung Portable SSD T5 2TB (for current editing projects):
Tip: Get multiple SSDs for additional backups.

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  1. Hi all! Hope you now have a better idea about the difference between HDD and SSD. Here are my external drive recommendations:

    ✅Samsung Portable SSD T5 2TB (for current editing projects):
    Tip: Get multiple SSDs for additional backups.

    ✅LaCie 2big HDD 20TB (for backup and archive):
    Amazon: (include Adobe CC subscription)

  2. I don't understand the part about working off of the SD drive and storing on the HD drive. What does it mean to work off of an SD drive? Can someone break this down for me? Like step by step. In my mind, drives are for storage….it's not editing software…so how can you "work off of a drive?"

  3. I'm still having a trouble picking between the two but what would you recommend the ssd or hdd
    additional question would the both perform smooth editing in a software with a 7200rpm

  4. What are your thoughts on dividing larger hard drives up into separate partitions? Is there any advantage to partitioning? (for example with that 20 GB drive you recommend, just curious if there are any benefits to dividing a drive up.)

  5. I used my external 120GB SSD to copy and transfer file it work like a USB,
    and very happy the 8gb single file transfer rate.

  6. Title of this video is not accurate: The BEST External Drives for Video Editing: SSD vs HDD… Actually, this video doesn't mention anything at all about SSD vs. HDD in regards to video editing. This video only discusses storage. Update your title.

  7. Thanks! I already have 2 HDD's that are too slow to handle my Logic Library. I was going to buy another faster one. It makes good sense to have a small SSD and Large HDD for backups. I don't do much volume so I'm going with a 250gb SSD.

  8. Question about working from an SSD… Do you move your current/working project to the SSD to edit, then move it off when you're done with it? Thanks! Subbed!

  9. Thanks for the video. I am a video editor and work with Premiere CC 2015. I have a macbook pro 2011 with an upgraded Sandisc Extreme pro SSD. I have been using G-drive minis since 2011(fire wire 800), but I see they no longer exist. Since I don't have usb 3.0, usb-c, and only thunderbolt 1, would I be better off with an HDD with thunderbolt or using SSD with usb 2.0 for an external drive? Thank you.

  10. PG….Can you do a video showing how you can make words pop out of a document using Premier Pro? Thanks in advance!

  11. Thanks for the information. I use the Glyph Technologies Atom RAID 1TB SSD (for current projects) that has a USB C plug for the device and the the connecting computer. It is very fast and dependable…they also have a wide range of storage sizes.

  12. Great video as always PG! I am interested in my buying my first SSD and would like to install it internally – how exactly do I best use it with my video editing? I.E. Do I need to reinstall Premiere Pro onto my SSD and run it that way? Do I reinstall WINDOWS entirely onto my SSD? Or can I have my software running as normal on my original HDD and just store my video files and projects/scratch disks on the SDD? What do you use? Thanks again. x

  13. Yup. SSD for OS and external drive for current files. HDD for backup. (I have a bunch of these lying around) Best way to go! 🙂

  14. premiere gal
    I hope from you to translate your video to Arabic language
    sorry for my bad EN 😅😊

  15. Great video. Impossible to cover all the ins and outs when it comes to video storage, and then there are the issues of dealing with 4K & soon 8K…

    Just adding:

    Samsung does have a cost-effective 4TB SSD drive – you will need a converter or internal slot to use it. However, there is still lack of knowledge to what happens if the drive is full, or worse get fragmented/corrupted – I have no evidence that it would be doing this, but it is a very new product relatively to the other storage devices.

    If you are doing many small projects and your chosen PC/Mac have an SDHC card reader built in, do not knock the cost of buying individual cards and use straight from the reader. You can get them up to 512GB. The cost of a medium size card is comparable with that of a couple of old Digital Betacam 90' apes (for those who remember that format :-)). Not least that many pro cameras are using the same card format, they are also interchangeable across the production line, once the editing project is backed up!!!

  16. It's about time to unsubscribe. Should only give tutorials on what you know about. You don't know any meaningful thing about computers. There is at lease 6 types of storage. All you know about is HD, and SSD's.

  17. I'm currently struggling with rendering my video in the right colors. The footage looks drastically different on different devices but other videos that I watch do look different from each other but the difference is not drastic. Any tips!

  18. Thank you very much for the information. I am being forced in that direction to save time and get the work done. I am curious if you have any comments regarding the comparison of Samsung external drive vs Western Digital drives regarding the quality and durability of the products. I had thought that western was the quality leader. The key is I do not want to lose data or be slow. Thanks in advance.

  19. Hey PG!!! Maybe add a text annotation about recommended drives in your infobox below. I do not recall if you say it in the video.

  20. Great to wake up to find this wonderful video. Good morning from NYC! Thank you once more!


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