The Final 14 Models Advance to the Next Competition | America's Next Top Model


The contestants must get past a club bouncer’s list to advance in the competition as one of the final 14 models. Tune in to America’s Next Top Model on Mondays at 10/9C on VH1!

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The Final 14 Models Must Get Past a Club Bouncer’s List to Advance | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. Girl, you're more upset that you can't be with Kyle, someone you barely know, than the competition? 😆 Like where they do that at? This is ANTM, not Love Island.

  2. Like American idol , the voice , Americas got talent and Antm they know who they want , they pick their selected people and they before the end. Have already picked a winner. It is a waste of time the fact they had their Hope's up an humiliated especially in a public street . Better get a job an go to college. Also half these shows are staged


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