The Rise Of ESG Investing


ESG is a catch-all term for investing strategies that consider a company’s environmental, social and governance factors. ESG investing is predicted to surge following the coronavirus pandemic and demonstrations over racial justice. Consumers and Wall Street investors alike are increasingly holding companies accountable for their performance on environmental, social and governance benchmarks—or ESG, for short. Here’s how ESG investing could transform the financial and business industry.

Before the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota and before Covid-19 forced corporate America into lockdown, companies were being singled out for social responsibility.

It’s a trend that began to accelerate well before the current crises, and has now gone mainstream.

“Investors were really flocking to ESG strategies,” said Valerie Grant, senior portfolio manager of responsible investing at AllianceBernstein. “For ETFs, there were $8 billion inflows into ESG strategies. And for mainstream funds, the flows were $12 billion.”

While critics have called ESG investing vague and even a fraud, analysts predict it will double in 2020 and become integrated into the investment decisions of every investor.

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The Rise Of Socially Conscious Investing


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  1. Its a gimmick lol just give me a cap weighted index of the stocks of the world. This is not a feel good story.

  2. Mixing numbers with emotions goes against every planetary law in the galaxy. 2+2=4 regardless of politics. Companies will go were the money is, period. I hope is goes to sustainable energy, but I can't ask companies to lose money doing it. That's like wishing Santa was real.

  3. Yeah right all that money from celebrities is going to Joe Biden's campaign. Democrats really want black american votes.

  4. I have been studying about ESG integration in financial valuation, but apparently my country Indonesia has not implemented it generally. Hence, it is a challenge for us to valuate public companies when especially they have not published their sustainability report. Our sustainability report, at least, some reports I have seen do not meet the standards held by GRI.

  5. ESG investing? Sounds like practical fascism enforcement. Corporations as Government rather than goverment regulating Corporations and the citizens (as human beings) having practical impact on the rules of corporations per voting in goverment.

  6. Ha! You can't be "socially conscious" without a conscience, which most investors don't have, or they wouldn't be so freakin' obsessed with getting filthy rich.

  7. racism happens everywhere and it’s not just an issue in the states. it happens to my country but the one who is being intimidated is the “whites” or the majority in this country

  8. This programme is a joke. There is nothing about solving social problems, For instance, What this got to do with investments within the space of longevity genomics ? personalise medicine, so we can design new education system that tackle social problems, fulfil the needs of the society, eliminate chronic diseases included ageing, reduce healthcare burden on personal and national budgets, or eliminate pain and suffering and pension system and divert capital into other productive parts of economy more efficiently. There is lack of info how to divert fiscal policy, tax policy and generational capital into the space medical research as the most important problem within society.

  9. It will be forever more or less the same in a very free capitalistic market. Social and environmental friendly investments have less return and people naturally invest where they get the best risk/return ratio. If we want to achieve the changes we urgently need, it is time for the head of all countries to takle the larger problems we have collected the last few decades. To beleive people and companies will change their investment and consumption behavier without enought stimulus is naiv.

  10. Companies abuse ESG policies as clear leverage to raise more money from "Woke Investors" to fund those same activities against it. What pitiful irony.

  11. Tbh connections play a much bigger roles in corporate ladders. This should not be smt that comes up in racial issues. This should come up in the class conflict which btw is still going on but the ultra rich are more than happy that we are too preoccupied with hating on each other rather than forcing them to finally pay their taxes and repair the damages that their companies has done to society and the environment around the world.

    I know this BLM is important and not nonsense. It's a long time coming tbh. I am disappointed that Americans will inevitably have a puppet (doesn't matter which, an orange puppet or a white with black friend puppet) as the commander in chief. The "ruling" psychopaths are running free-er than ever with them in the office.
    I am Asian btw.

  12. Basically companies realized that the best results comes from everyone in the group working for the benefit of the individual and the benefit of the group

    Game Theory wins again

  13. Get woke, Go broke!
    Screw ESG investing. Now if it was EG investing…i am on board for that.
    LOL 20 trillion dollars…someone is smoking THE BIGGEST BONG EVER!

  14. I don't mind company implement ESG strategy, but at least they should do it smart. I saw tons of shallow policies that end up hurting every stakeholders.


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