The SAFIRE Project Is Not Real Science (Electric Sun Model Debunked)


It would seem that I’ve really struck a nerve by debunking some of these “alternative cosmologies”, and exposing the frauds that push them. In the very persistent and vocal criticisms that have been brought against me by the people who have fallen for these hoaxes, the most consistent thing they cite as though it is evidence of anything whatsoever is the SAFIRE Project. What is this circus sideshow masquerading as science? What is it that they pretend to do? Let’s tell the whole story.

My original Electric Universe debunk:
My response to Ben Davidson:

Someone went down the rabbit hole on SAFIRE finances with all the smoke and mirrors:
Tax filings for ISF:
Tax filings for MAF:

SAFIRE’s one and only paper that has nothing to do with the electric sun model:
Montgomery Childs embarrassing himself at 2:40:
Learn real science regarding neutrinos:
An explanation of neutrinos that is much easier to understand:
The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory paper:

Tom Bridgman exposes the idiocy of Don Scott’s book:
Brian Koberlein eviscerates the Electric Universe:
A former Velikovskian tells all:


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  1. The scientific community: Nooooo, you can't just look into pseudo science and pretend it works. You need to review it over many people and have a real basis!
    Starfire: Haha plasma go brrrr.

  2. This could've been 1/3 the length and 10 times as effective.

    Cut out all the Playmobil cartoons and stick to the facts

  3. well 'professor' dave, i should watch the video. naaa i think i will lump you in with all the lazy-boy undergrads playing gotcha with flat-eather's

  4. The Safire Project is new science. A new way of thinking. The results speak for themselves. Because the experiment produces more energy than put in, that to me is an achievement.

  5. Yeah you didn't actually debunk anything bro. Also I just Googled that Don Scott guy and he isn't just some electric engineer. He has a Ph.D so you should have been honest and called him Doctor Don E Scott in this video. You deliberately misrepresent facts bro. You are like "I dont agree with that so its debunked" lol. No theory is perfect. Mainstream cosmology is full of holes which is why theories like the ectric universe model apparently exist. Mainstream cosmology makes up dumb stuff all the time. Nobody knows neutron stars are really made of neutrons lol. Wtf is dark matter and energy or this new mythical new strange matter? LMFAO and black holes. Its all theoretical just like the Electric universe theory. None of it can be or has been proven. It all was just theorized same as that mythical Oort Cloud LOLLL. Instead of calling people stupid prove them wrong

  6. I call this stuff Electro-Blasto based on their BS about supernovae being the product of magical electric currents that blow up stars.

    Or do they still make that claim?

  7. You didn't debunk anything though.. In the electric universe video, or this one.. You simply attempt to manipulate your viewers by falsely representing Gaia and bringing up ancient aliens, like (The Electric universe was on a channel that talks about ancient aliens haha", while never honestly admitting Gaia dedicates itself to helping fringe science get more awareness, while always having a disclaimer saying the views in the videos are not necessarily their views.. Ancient alien theory is as absurd and fanciful Darwinian evolution.. Something I bet you view as settled science, or has sooo much evidence, right?.. Do enlightened me.. I'm a multiple time debate team champion, debating Darwinists.. I'm a Ph.D (Pharm Sci), and in all my years of studying biology, cell biology and genetics, I have never seen any such evidence (or proof for the theory) and I in fact abandoned the "theory" during my graduate degree.. The only thing standing in the way of progress are people like you.
    I grow tired of people like you, because you have damaged science almost beyond repair, with your hypocrisy and dogmatic blind faith in the unsubstantiated theories YOU call science, and radical dismissal of anything that challenge your desired view of the universe… The Safire is not even part of the Electric universe theory, and they have stated that.. All science is science.. All theories are deserving of consideration and scrutiny.. Refusing to do so and using inflammatory terms such as "Pseudo science" to describe a theory or experiment (simply because it escapes the realm of your narrow mainstream point of view) is disingenuous and nothing more than an expression of a truly shackled mind.. I am reading about the Safire project now and find this fascinating and wondering on what grounds you say a genuine science experiment "Is not science"?.. What you should be saying is "This isn't the mainstream "science" i have been indoctrinated for years to place blind faith in".. Theories are just that, theories.. They are not religion and not law.. Science is the study of the structure and behavior of the natural physical world, through observation and experiment.. Safire looks like science to me and the electric universe looks like a scientific theory to me.. It just defies your religion of big bang cosmology.

  8. I wonder if his girlfriend tries to lie just to see him lose his $#!+. Then be like no babe I ate ALL the Huney Nut Cheerio knock off brand

  9. Not flat ? Whhhhaaatt. Get wit the program ,prof dave proved flat earth long ago he also destroyed real science 4 times on flat busters videos . Today is opposite day today tho

  10. I used to believe in this kind of shit before I bit the bullet and really started studying and listening to what people in those fields of science that were relevant had to say. Now at least this shit is a good laugh.


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