The trials, tribulations and timeline of a COVID-19 vaccine | Jerome Kim


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Developing a vaccine usually takes five to 10 years, costs about a billion dollars and has a failure rate of 93 percent. Under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists are being asked to speed that timeline up to 12 to 18 months, says Jerome Kim, director general of the International Vaccine Institute. How are things going? Kim updates us on the varied field of vaccine candidates and discusses the challenges of making sure the one that works gets distributed to the whole world. (This virtual conversation, hosted by head of TED David Biello, was recorded June 15, 2020.)

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  1. You guys get vaccinated…for your mental illness… Elites will not prevail for much longer. This SCAMM will be unveiled sooner or later. No more SCAMMDEMIC 19..

  2. With so many working on a vaccine, I think it's highly likely that we develop a vaccine soon 🙂

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    Really, are Plastic dividers the answer to a Magical Omnipotent Omnipresent Virus?

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  6. oh tell me please jerome kim how an inert-placebo controlled 4 year long study using fully unvaccinated children as control group fits in an 18 month time period.
    explaining that would be wonderful, especially as this rna vaccine would the first of its kind and permanently changes human dna, which can't be reversed.
    it would also be helpful to understand the need for something, that has excellent treatments and a death rate below 0.37% for those, that get infected with it, if we can even trust those tests, which we can't.
    those would would be some interesting things to talk about, BUT TED is not here to talk about those actually important things, but rather push the mandatory, untested dna changing vaccine agenda fast and hard.


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