Top 10 America's Next Top Model Makeover Meltdowns


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The journey from so-and-so to supermodel isn’t always smooth. For this list, we’re taking a look at contestants whose makeovers brought on the tears, the rage, or both, whether due to unwanted hair extensions, drastic dye jobs or crazy cuts. Let’s dive in! Our list includes Jael Strauss, Molly O’Connell, Catie Anderson, Terra White, Tash Wells, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 America’s Next Top Model Makeover Meltdowns.

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10. Brandy Rusher
9. Jael Strauss
8. Molly O’Connell
7. Catie Anderson
6. Fo Porter
5. Jaeda Young
4. Terra White
3, 2 & 1???

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  2. But Jaeda doesn’t look like Halle Berry, so it didn’t have the same affect. But Fo was actually very beautiful and hair just distracted from her face.

  3. I would be upset too if I get my hair cut to scalp, hair is one of the soft spot for girls. But they should have expected it, what did they think when they entered, they should have expected a makeover and anything could be done for a makeover

  4. Tyra Sucks. She gets off on this shit and Laughs about it. Theres more under all that that she does she has Bipolar issues and self confidence issues herself since who knows when. Shes All over the Place.

  5. Tyra Banks had no clue what she was doing with those white girls hair, she should stick to black girls hair cus thats what she knows best..

  6. I feel so bad for that last girl. Her beautiful long, natural hair was chopped AND bleached. Ruined for years. That's so messed up. This show sucks.

  7. You literally force these girls to make drastic choices in one day and think they have the confidence to get in front of a camera?

  8. Management at America's Next Top model is so corrupt that you can't even look disappointed without being lambasted. Tyra is nothing but a tyrant.

  9. Honestly…I think that they needed to put Jay Manuel in the makeover chair and get rid of that horrible silver hair that he always wore. It wasn’t a good look for him. It kind of looked tacky. It almost looked like a plastic helmet on his head. Just saying.

  10. What you DONT do is cut off a Black Girl's long hair!!! That's psychological damage!!! Black women will buy hair to have longer hair, and you CUT OFF NATURAL LONG HAIR!!??? Tyra… outta line!!

  11. That gay hairstylist seems to get a kick a kick out of chopping off their hair. Can't help thinking he's just a tad jealous because he's not a natural female. And Tyra is no problem chopping off their hair cuz she can afford to have all that expensive crap done to her [fake] hair. She too gets a kick out of it.

    And yes folks, this is what it all (fame) boils down to: changing everything about yourself from the inside out.


  12. Tyra is a horrible bully and should have to do the same thing she does to those girls! Karma sucks people like her will be punished by GOD himself. So have peace in that. I’m sorry that any of you went through that trauma! That show is a joke and not meant to help anyone with a career.

  13. "Different hair" grows at "different lengths of time". Some black women's hair may be grown a year and it is still not shoulder length OR BETTER YET. neck length! If your hair is long and YOU LOVE IT that way. Don't let some IDIOT convince you otherwise. Sometimes one must TAKE ONES OWN COUNSEL. KNOW THIS!!!!

  14. That woman who said that it “wasn’t her choice anymore” I’ll be damned if you’re gonna tell me my hair isn’t my choice. I’d throw a fit too.

  15. If they can't handle a haircut, they don't have confidence, so they shouldn't have been to that show or becoming models. Models don't have to like everything they wear or the haircut they have for a job!

  16. Tyra’s two lapdogs always complain and say “but they’re master stylists” well why does almost every haircut look like total shit?

  17. Does Tyra ever wear some of these styles and why is that guy so harsh like damn u ain’t a girl so giving your two cents isnt necessary

  18. It's kinda weird that she only knows three types of short hair and its all the same style on the girls twiggy, Hailey berry, and rosemary baby. shes pretty stupid making these girls suffer with something they didn't want and tossing them out if they didn't like her choice like some kind of animal.

    nuts to that.


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