Top 10 America’s Next Top Model Scandals & Controversies


Top 10 America’s Next Top Model Scandals & Controversies // Subscribe:

These America’s Next Top Model scandals & controversies demonstrated the price of being on top. We’re taking a look at the scandals on and off the show that left audiences stunned, and the controversial moments that made the series more problematic than Pot Ledom. MsMojo ranks the biggest America’s Next Top Model scandals & controversies. Which America’s Next Top Model scandal shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I dont find modeling as another race offensive. Traditional black face was to mock and make fun of another race for racist stereotypes. In antp its seeing the beauty in other cultures. Other skin colors.

  2. What about Jael? She battled a drug addiction and Renee even mentioned that in her prison interview when talking about the non existent support from Tyra. But, Renee also said that Nigel did try to reach out to them every now and then. Unfortunately, Jael overcame her addiction only to pass from breast cancer. I really liked her spirit, too.

  3. The blackface scandal just shocks me so hard
    Were there any crew or cast members that saw red flags? Or were they just paid off or something to be quiet and go with it…?

  4. Geez people get offended too easily. If it bothers you, turn around, change the page, scroll past. Me; I'm shameless. Lol. Jk. I don't get offended easily. Things just roll off new. Idc. Funny, my baby is Native American and East Indian.

  5. IDK WHY BAYPATH UNIVERSITY is bringing this bitch to the woman’s conference…. Tyra doesn’t bring woman up or anything SHE PUTS THEM DOWN AND FORCES THEM TO DO SHIT THEY DONT WANNA DO!!

  6. 11:07 “Robin pressured to pose”

    Okay, but the night before the shoot, Robin literally flashed one of the male judges, all while shimming (no bra on, just underwear), while Tyra watched. If Robin was brave enough to do that, why couldn’t she do the nude model shoot? Unless she was drunk or something, I don’t think that should’ve been an honorable mention. Then again, Robin was manipulative and literally tried to convert Elyse (an atheist) into Christianity, so her whole “I’m a good girl” thing was an act.

  7. I want to be on America's next top fatty starting gym at night 👙 🍩🍎 so I can be the next America's next top fatty

  8. "hey guys I'm getting kinda cold and in pain"

    " Push through it your a model aren't you?"

    Gets hypothermia

    " You didn't tell us, know you're limits, why didn't you tell us"

  9. There are so many comments on here saying that they were only messing with the models and jerking them around. Honestly I'm some ways maybe, but its tv so is anyone surprised? However many models whether they won or lost have a healthy successful career now. Not saying everything Tyra does is okay as she probably does think a little too much of herself. However every model on here says they are better than everyone else they work with. Maybe that's the stigma they all think they have to have. Twiggy wasnt like that so I think she was a good person to bring light to this show

  10. God Kayla's confession always made me uncomfortable. You clearly see Jay suddenly take her aside and instigate her confession (THAT SHE SAYS SHE HAS NEVER TOLD ANYONE) and then give her mixed signals by sympathizing with her about how she was so young when it happened and had no support system and mentions therapy, and then suddenly tells her that her wanting to say no to jobs involving kissing men in the future "won't work". It was so exploitive and it was just so gross watching Jay sympathize then basically tell her she can't avoid it. When she came back on all stars and brushed it all off as some shyness issue it just felt so disgusting because you obviously saw that it wasn't.

  11. That about the nick name is a little cringe from both parties .It was more of personal and not for all the people with skin condition or for everything else they have. pandas are cute and pretty, cows are to but most people don't think that but in some cultures maybe it is a compliment . Nicknames-petnames is something you give in a person you are close with , for example one of my friends calls me chibi because I am petite …ok I am short very short. I find it cute but that again depends on the person saying ,the one receiving it and the word. My cousin calls her boyfriend duckling because his toes are connected . My friends can call me what ever but if a person I don't like say hello to me I maybe be annoyed . But ok it is not right to call people names if they don't want


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