Top 10 America’s Next Top Model Winners: Where Are They Now?


We’ve been thinking about the America’s Next Top Model winners. Where are they now? For this list, we’ll be looking at various winners and seeing what they’ve been up to in recent years. Our countdown includes Laura James, Keith Carols, Jaslene Gonzalez, and more! MsMojo catches up with the ANTM winners. Which winner do your think was the deserved? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Of course some of the winners on ANTM didnt go far into modeling because they werent actually models in the first place. They signed up on this show to try and become a model to win contracts (that real models aspire to work for). Like having an 8 page spread in Italian Vouge?! So many models (that have worked for so many years) I'm sure would die to have that opportunity. Its disappointing that some of them didnt go onto do more modeling after winning. I mean the judges at times were not the best at picking winners. Until the 19 cycle were "America" got to judge… like come on that whole number system was so stupid. Social media loved Leila, she was the comeback. I think she would have won if she didnt have that bad week and got eliminated. Honestly, would the judges really eliminate Leila if there was no scores? Probably Not. That whole saleishia thing honestly was probably true. Even though Jay denied it on the Instagram live. That was so not a fair playing field. The girl didnt seem to have to stress or be nervous when it came to talking to Tyra, since she has known Tyra previously. Plus that hairstyle was set up for when they went to China. I mean she fit right into the style when it came to the go see's.

  2. Court appointed special advocates or CASA does not provide abused/neglected children with permanent homes they are additional level of advocacy for the children while they are in foster care

  3. Models are primarily gig workers. It’s not a job, it’s being self-employed. You have to book your own go-sees, auditions, and you need go to where the money is. And if the money is in acting or longevity, that’s where they go. They can also go only to acting because being a model is unfortunately mostly only a young person’s game. You eventually get too old and acting on soap operas tends to get you a steady income stream and job. So I could understand why someone wouldn’t stay a model.

  4. SO What do you mean by being the top 10 ANTM's winner?? In modeling industry or just being popular in general? If you are talking about just being popular, then I am agree on that. But being successful in modeling industry, Brittani shouldn't be in that place. If she could take the short hair, she could probably be a much successful model in the industry.

  5. I once met Jay Manuel (the ANTM photographer ) and he is just as stunning in reality PERFECT skin guys

  6. 5:06 I always thought cory was the first male winner, Naima suductive bait & switch though 6:50🤣. Eva's very annoying & never noticed the eye move 9:52

  7. Wait a minute what about Whitney? She was a cycle 10 winner yet she wasn't on the list. I remember she was the first plus size model to win. She didn't do that great in my opinion but all in all she still won.

  8. I'm not sure why they didn't mention Nicole Fox. I think she had the most talent of any model to appear on the show.

  9. Ava, the short blonde model is still modeling for LA Fashion week.
    She is short but she is still working it! She has worked close with LBCC fashion program and their fashion design alumni too for model photography and runway.
    She has so much energy and positivity! I say she’s a winner.

  10. Nyles performances on dancing with the stars still give me chills. I go back and watch his performance to “the sounds of silence” and I always get goosebumps! It was beautiful!


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